How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Spray Paint? Let’s Explore the Truth

Imagine you go to the market and pay for a product, but the seller tells you it is illegal to buy it. How shocking and unacceptable it will be! Yet, it is true for some products. For spray paint, you need more education. You can buy spray paint, but how old do you have to be to buy spray paint?

The answer is that an adult can buy spray paint but a youngster needs to show a passport/ID card/driving license to prove that they are 18 or 18+ for getting spray paint. This situation varies slightly in different states, but the average tells the same age, 18 Years. 

However, there are a lot more things you need to know related to this query. Today, I will discover the ins and outs regarding spray paint and age issues. Stay Tuned! 

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Spray Paint

What’s the hurdle in spray paint shopping?

If you talk about spray paint, the rules make it hard for teenagers to buy it. Talking about the regular wall paint, you can buy it from any shop. There is no age limit to buying ordinary paint, but the question arises when purchasing spray paint. 

 Age limit to buy spray paint? Let’s Know The Real facts 

The table below reflects the states of the UK, US and other countries which state an age limit for using spray paint.

Countries or StatesAge Limit to buying spray paint
Ohio (US)18 and above
Texas (US)18 and above
Newyork(US)21 and above
California (US)18 and above
Florida(US)18 and above
UK16 and above
Singapore18 and above
Newzealand18 and above

 The table shows the average age of 18 years to buy spray paint. The age limit varies from area to area. 

Why is it so? It is because the illegal and destructive use of spray paint is not the same in every area. 

In the US, the graffiti business by teenagers as a passion is high-rated. If you don’t own a property and use it for graffiti, it becomes prone to charge. Learn more about Florida, USA, state law about spray painting.

In this circumstance, knowing about different City and State Anti-Graffiti Legislation could save you from charge or fine.

Note: In Australia, sellers may be charged up to $5000 or may get imprisonment for six months to six years, if they sell a spray paint can to teenagers under the age of 18. It means you need to show identification proof that you are 18 years old.

How do I know if I’m old enough to buy spray paint?

You could look for the laws of your area for buying spray paint. 

If you go to a seller and you need to show your ID card/Passport or a driving license to buy spray paint, it indicates you are not old enough to buy spray paint. 

You may also need a parent or a guardian who can buy it for you.

Spray paint Hazards to the world you live in

When I tell you about spray paints, you should see how they affect the environment on their own and how they can become a destructive tool when in the hands of under 18. Here are the key points to talk about the hazards of spray paints.

  • Components

Aerosol pressurized cans have VOCs, which include acetone, xylene and toluene. These gases are not causing harm as the CFCs did earlier, but they still are harmful to ground ozone.

  • Damage to the human life

The spray paints have fumes that can cause harm to your nose, eyes and lungs. They even can make your brain cells die if used at a tender age below 15. The effects will be devastating if you use them without a mask and a proper distance.

  • Vandalizing agent

Here is a link to a video from the US where a calm mother is settling the issue of her son, who is a  graffiti lover and can’t stop himself from using spray paint on walls.

Defacing public property or street walls is one of the most common factors driving a state administration to ban spray paint use on that land. 

  • Inhaling Fumes

Another reason you can’t buy spray paint before 18 is the rising trend of juveniles getting high by inhaling spray paint fumes. 

They spray paint the paper bags and cover the head with the bag. This practice can even lead to unconsciousness and lung toxicity.

Can you buy spray paint online?

Yes, you can buy it online, regardless of the fact that it is a criminal act if you buy it at a shop and are below 18. Amazon also offers it online.

Is it okay to let my 12-year-old spray paint if he is responsible and has all the necessary tools? 

It is mentioned earlier that you can only buy it under the supervision of your parents or a guardian. 

Even if you buy it, the requirements while using it must be fulfilled. You need to do it in an open area, with a mask on your face. The distance of using it from the object (30 cm) needs to be maintained. 

Other factors matter when you end up using spray paint. The can needs to be discarded properly. 

The residual left can still become a danger to the environment. Need to contact a recycling center for proper disposal of spray paint. 

Why Is Spray Paint Sealed Display In Ca? 

The increased aggression in California towards vandalizing graffiti has forced the state to display the spray paint in sealed boxes. This is to take one step further in restricting its use and avoid stealing the cans.

Also read more about Massachusetts Spray Paint Laws.

Why does the manager ask about my birthday when I try to buy spray paint? 

Of Course, the birthday indicates your age and you must be at the legal age to buy spray paint. This age limit may vary a little according to your state. 

Is buying spray paint illegal? Where is it illegal? 

Yes, buying spray paint is illegal in different states or countries. 


In California, graffiti is considered vandalism and is charged with a fine or


In Guam, graffiti is a felony and the sellers would be found guilty of selling spray paint to teens below 18.

In Rhode Island, the law for buying spray paint is that the children are not allowed to keep spray paint as a belonging unless their parents or guardians possess a land (R.I. Gen. Laws 11-9-19 & 11-9-19.1)

In Texas, selling spray paint to teens is a crime to be imprisoned for.(V.T.C.A. 485.012 to 485.019)

In Toppenish, a city in Washington state, a teenager under 18 cannot buy spray paint.(Ord. 2006-4 $ 1,2006)

In Maryland,  the rules aren’t strict enough to buy spray paint at any specific age, but some sellers still have the right to refuse to sell it.

In Brazil, according to Law No. 12,408, selling spray paint to persons who are less than 18 is illegal. A buyer should show the proof that he or she is older than 18. Source: 

Hence, the laws vary according to the state, and they soften in accordance with the rate of a felony. Source:


1. Is spray paint illegal?

It is not illegal in the true sense of the word, but due to the rising graffiti problem, the strict laws have made it seem like a controversy. Following the rules would not make it a problem-causing matter.

2. Is spray painting illegal? 

Spray painting is not illegal. It is an art with ease. It is only illegal if you don’t reach the restricted age limit for buying spray paint.

3. Where to buy spray paint? Too young to buy Spray Paint, Any Alternatives? 

You can buy it from paint stores. If you are too young to buy it, ask for the guardianship of your parents or an elder at home to buy it for you. If still not, oil paint is another option to satisfy the need.

4. Do you need an id to buy spray paint

Yes, you need an ID in certain states to buy spray paint. But can you agree at this point that it’s pointless to require ID to purchase spray paint? 

To answer this question, I personally disagree with this point. It is not pointless to need ID to buy spray paint. Strict compliance is the key to stopping the graffiti business.

5. Does Home Depot Check Id before buying Spray Paint?

Yes, Home Depot does check ID before selling spray paint under the City of Buffalo Ordinance. 

6. How much spray paint is allowed for you to buy from the store? 

The quantity of spray paint supplied is less than 6 ounces that can be sold to adults in California. This quantity is pretty less to use in vandalizing graffiti. 

My Final Opinion: 

My final thoughts about the statement are that you need to admit and educate yourself about the seriousness of graffiti vandalism. This, in the long run, would benefit the masses. 

In some areas, it is not even a selling product to adults due to extreme disturbance caused by the graffiti. Yet, they allow them to avoid stealing. You should decide to follow the rules to be a part of the struggle with the state administration.