How To Hydro Dip With Spray Paint?

‘Hydro Dip’ is a fun art and craft painting process. It’s a super-easy way to decorate almost everything sinking into paint water. It’s just a wonderful painting activity which will give you a memento after completing it. The question may come to mind, how to hydro dip with spray paint?

For hydro-dipping spray paint, take a large bucket or tub full of water so that the object can accommodate what you prefer for colors. Spray different colors of paint directly on the water. Now dip the item into the painted design and enjoy a fabulous outcome!

Read this article to see how easy this painting process is. You must fall in love with this gorgeous hydro-dipped painting method when you can know about it in detail.  

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How To Hydro Dip With Spray Paint (Step-By-Step Process)? 

How To Hydro Dip With Spray Paint

Hydro dipping is one kind of water transfer printing technique without using any painting equipment. This painting process sounds fancy but is very easy which finishes between paint and water immersion. It makes a marvelous water marbling pattern on items.

The spray paint design holds fast to any objects that you dip into paint water. From plastic to glass, cell phone to shoes, or stone to a baseball bat, everything is allowed to this method.

How to hydro dip with spray paint? Well, for hydro dipping, you first need to gather some ingredients and then follow a few steps. 

Luckily many companies offer a complete hydro dipping spray paint kit package that contains every essential thing. You can get all ingredients into it at a time that you need for hydro dipping tasks.

Here we will DIY a pair of plain shoes by hydro dipping painting method. Continue and see how we do it easily!

Supplies need for Hydro Dip with spray paint:

  • A clear bucket (Medium size)
  • Spray paints (Different colors)
  • A pair of classic slips
  • Painter’s tape
  • Clean water
  • Face mask and hand gloves
  • Shoes Waterproofer

Let’s Learn How To Hydro Dip With Spray Paint:

9 steps to follow for Hydro Dipping With Spray Paint:

Step-1: Prepare Shoes

Get your shoes and painter’s tape. Now tap up the shoes where you need instead of the surface where you don’t want to paint. Try to tap around the bottom of the shoes fully. If you have another pattern or design, it’s up to you how to tap your shoes.

Step-2: Select Colors

It’s time to select and pick out colors for this project. Here you can select Rust-Oleum 249113 Spray Paint for hydro dipping. It comes in different colors, which offer various options that will help you to make multiple designs.     

Step-3: Pick Bucket & Water

Now pick a medium-size bucket, and it would be clear. Make sure it is deep enough to dip the shoes into it freely. It is most important to check the bucket size and depth where you need to pour your hand and objects equally.

After getting the right bucket, pour it with clean and clear water. Full up the bucket with water so that only a couple of inches has left from the top.

Step-4: Wear Mask

Wear a mask to protect your mouth, eyes, and nose from spray painting. The spray paint contains a lot of toxic fumes that come up from the spray paints when you apply it in water. This odor is very risky for our lungs.

If you wear a double layer mask, it will also protect the lungs. Wear a pair of hand gloves to save your hands from paint when you will work in water.          

Step-5: Spray Paint

Take the paints and spray them from different angles and locations according to your design. Spray paint colors you have chosen for your design and spray them on the water’s surface one by one. There are no exact rules to spray; it’s only up to you. 

Step-6: Dip Shoes

It’s time to dip the shoes. Dip one shoe into the water fully and wait for a while so that the shoe can wipe away all the paints on the top. When all paints soak your shoe, pull it back out from the water.

In the same way, spray the paint in the similar water like the previous way and then dip another shoe. Do the same job that you have done for the first one. And pull it back out when it also soaks all paint perfectly. 

Step-7: Dry the shoes

Leave the painted shoes to dry completely. It takes 1 or 2 hours, depending on your shoe materials. As you have dipped the shoes fully for a while into the water, give them dry fully.

Step-8: Tape Off

When you have seen the shoes dry perfectly, take off the tape. After getting off the tape, you will see the magic of the design on the surface of your shoes. It may be more than what you expected before painting. 

Step-9: Use Protector

After painting the shoes, you need to apply a protector to save the new shoes from water and stain or dirt. You should choose the best shoe waterproofer like Max Shield WaterProofer in this final stage.

This product is formulated for long-lasting shoe care with silicon protection. It is also designed for boots, shoes, and camping gear. Spray it from a safe distance on the surface of the shoes and let it dry for a few minutes.

When you are in this ending step, you are ready to enjoy your homemade new shoes, aren’t you? Now you can DIY any home items using the best hydro dip spray paint and decorate your home with a new look.

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Do You Need An Activator To Hydro Dip With Spray Paint?

Yes, you need to spray on the activator before dipping the paint when you have to use hydro graphics. But don’t use an activator very much with wet paint. You can use an activator if you need to thin out the spray paint you are preparing for dipping.

Do You Use Hot Or Cold Water To Hydro Dip With Spray Paint?

Water temperature is the most important factor for hydro dip painting or water transfer printing technique. The ideal temperature range for hydro dipping is 10° to 32° Celsius or 80° to 90° Fahrenheit. You should fill the bucket about ¾ full with warm or lukewarm water for the best result. 

Some dip manufacturers recommend specific temperatures. If you get any information on the label of a spray paint bottle, you can follow them directly. Otherwise, you have to remind some facts like:

  •  If the water temperature is less than 75° F, the film can’t stick to the items.
  •  If the water temperature is up to 90° F, the soaking time will be very short and affect the ink and activator applied to the film. Too much temperature has a risk of burning the items.

So, get the water at the ideal temperature so that the paint can stick with the items perfectly.

What Kind Of Spray Paint Is Used For Hydro Dipping?

Gloss paint is the best spray paint for hydro-dipping. And Rust-Oleum paint is more popular among the hydro dipping community. This paint offers a large option to select several colors under gloss, semi-gloss, and high gloss.

The consistency is good and ideal for floating on water. The spray can’t dry on the surface of the water before dipping. Plus, it dries very fast when the items are out of the water.

This paint contains a paint + primer formula that ensures the robust adhesive quality and makes the item long-lasting. It can hold up against all sorts of wear.

Overall, it is great for DIY hydro dipping. It sticks to the fabric and refuses to accept wear and tear on the most hydro-dipped objects: shoes. 

Do You Need Special Spray Paint For Hydro Dipping?

Hydro dipping, also named as hydrographics, allows three types of paint- spray paint, acrylic paint, and oil-based paint. 

According to professional artist Lawrence W. Lee, acrylic spray paint is ideal for any hydro dipping project. This paint is formulated with a thin film that can float on water and stick on items simply. 

Can You Use Gloss Spray Paint For Hydro Dipping?

Yes, you can use gloss spray paint for any hydro-dipping projects. The glossy spray paint is ideal for matte and satin paint finish. If you want this type of result, the glossy paint is suitable that offers a clear coat at the end.

There are three types: paint-like gloss, semi-gloss, and high gloss finish. You can choose anyone based on your products.

Can You Hydro Dip With Glitter Spray Paint?

Glitter spray paint also allows you to handle any hydro dipping project like other acrylic spray paint. The application process of this paint is similar to other spray paint hydro dip methods.

Take lukewarm water into a tub and spray the glitter paint one or more according to your design. Then dip the objects into it to absorb the paint with glitter. You can use it for small items to decorate your home very simply. 

Can You Hydro Dip Shoes With Spray Paint?

The hydro dip spray paint also known as immersion printing is formulated to dip various items and products. The spray paint for hydro dipping projects permits you to DIY everything like glass, plastic, leather, stone, paper, fabric, etc.

And you can hydro dip your plain shoes with spray paint, obviously. We have already shown above how to hydro dip your shoes with spray paint.  

Hydro Dipping Shoes

Things We Can Hydro Dip

Hydrographic designs need no specific painting objects. So, the hydro dip can be ideal for a lot of substrates that can go on being flooded in water, including:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass and 
  • Ceramic. 

You have to exercise caution as this way can twist the metal or wood when you don’t use any sealer primer.  


Finally, we hope you guys enjoy this article and know how to hydro dip with spray paint. You can easily try it at home, following the above steps exactly with full caution.

If your kids or family members love to DIY their shoes, you can do it within a very short time as your own design. If you have any different experiences with this hydro dip painting technique, leave a comment below.