How to Make Magenta Paint?  Step-by-step Color Mixing Instructions

Magenta- is a color of universal harmony and emotional balance. This color is gaining popularity among artists and crafters day by day. Many people want to make their magenta paint at home. But without having proper knowledge, it is difficult to make magenta paint. How to Make Magenta Paint? 

The basic method of making magenta paint is mixing up 50% red with 50% blue color. You can mix a small amount of white color to get a closer shade of magenta. 

We’ll dive into more detail about making magenta colors below. Also, the whole article is sorted out to clarify a few questions that bother you about Magenta Paint. So, keep an eye on this full article.

Is Magenta A Pink, Purple, Or Red?

As many of us often feel confused to recognize the magenta color. Therefore, let’s introduce the magenta color first.

Magenta is mainly defined as purplish-red, reddish-purple. It’s a part of purple and pink. That’s why, naturally, we confuse magenta color with purple or pink. 

Mainly,  magenta is the concentrated form of pink. The hue of magenta and pink is the same but saturation and value are different.

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What color makeup magenta?

The answer to this question is short but tough to describe directly. Basically, the color models will tell you which color can create magenta colors. Therefore, let’s take a look at color models and find out the truth.

Here, we will discuss CMYK and RGB color models.

CMYK( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)

In the CMYK model, cyan, magenta, and yellow colors are used. In presence of light, dyes or pigments create color by absorbing or subtracting wavelength and reflecting others. 

Like, cyan will absorb red which leaves the green and blue to produce cyan. Then, magenta will absorb green which leaves yellow and red to make magenta. 

Note: All three colors -Cyan, magenta, and yellow make black. 

Now, get the exact answer with the RGB model!

RGB model (Red, Green, Blue) 

The RGB model is also known as the additive color model. Because, here, color is created by adding light. In this model, magenta is a secondary color because you can obtain this color by mixing primary colors -red and blue. So, red and blue make up the color magenta. Hopefully, you are almost clear!

If you mix up more blue in the mixture, the resulting color will look like deep violet. Similarly, using more red will result in fuchsia or maroon.

What is the color code for magenta?

In general, the hex code of magenta color is FF00FF. In the RGB model, hex #FF00FF is made of –

  • 100% Red
  • 100% Blue
  • 0% green 

In the CMYK model, the hex #FF00FF is made of-

  • 100% Magenta
  • 0% Cyan
  • 0% Yellow
  • 0% Black
How to Make Magenta Paint

What Two Colors Make Magenta? 

As before we mentioned,  the mixture of blue and red color makes magenta paint. Try to use cadmium red and cobalt blue to get closer shades.

  • Baby Pink + Purple: You can mix baby pink and purple color to get a magenta color. First, take a baby pink color and add a drop of purple and then mix it well. Further, add a purple color later until you get the magenta color.
  • Violet + Red: Adding the same amount of violet and red color produces a magenta color. 

Note: Don’t add too much color at the beginning.  Try to add a drop of color slowly to get a better result.

How to Make Magenta Paint Step by Step?  

Although, you can create magenta by mixing red and blue colors; but that’s not the truth. Actually red and blue colors create purple, not magenta. 

To get magenta from primary colors is tricky and long as well. Let’s take a look at the step by step guidelines below –

Method 1: Mixing Blue and Red 

Step 1: First, collect cadmium red and cobalt blue color.

Step 2: Now, start with cadmium red and add a drop of blue color slowly.

Step 3: Mix the two colors with a paintbrush or paint knife. You’ll get a violet color.

Step 4: Add a cadmium red to the mixture and then mix it well. In this step, you’ll get a maroon color.

Step 5: Now, add a drop of blue color and mix it continuously. Try to repeat this process twice. 

Step 6: Add a red color slowly and mix it up well. It’s time to get the magenta color by mixing a white into the mixture. In a few seconds, you’ll get the magenta color. 

As the color mixing process of blue and red is lengthy that’s why the alternative method is also given below- 

Method 2: Mixing  Violet and Red

Step 1: You’ll need a violet and red acrylic color. First, start with a violet color. 

Step 2: Take a red color( ½ color of violet) and mix it with a violet color. Use a paint knife to properly mix.

Step 3: Mix it well until you obtain the magenta color. Mix a drop red color if it’s required. 

How to Make Paint Mediums With Magenta Pigment?

Method 1: Making magenta with acrylic paint: 

Acrylic paint is the easiest way to get magenta color for beginners. In this method,  you need a clear gesso acrylic, magenta pigment, and a paintbrush or knife.

Mix clear gesso acrylic with magenta pigment and get magenta acrylic paint immediately! Isn’t it an easy process?

Note: You can also choose a white gesso. Professionals recommend using a clear gesso as it provides a more vibrant color. 

In contrast, white gesso makes the color more opaque. But, using a white gesso requires more powder and it is also time-consuming.

Method 2: Making Magenta using Oil Paints

If you want to make a small amount of magenta color then you can choose the oil paint medium. To make magenta oil paint, you need an oil medium- linseed oil, and magenta pigment or powder.

Take linseed oil & magenta powder and then mix it well. You’ll have magenta oil paint easily.

Method 3: Making Magenta using Watercolor paints 

In this method, you need magenta pigment and medium-gum Arabic. To make magenta paint, mix the magenta pigment with gum arabic. 

Although it’s an easy process, there’s a problem. As gum arabic changes its consistency and color become harder within a day. That’s why homemade watercolor paint should be used on the day you have made it. 

Purchasing a magenta watercolor paint tube is a better idea than making homemade paint. If you want to pick the best brand, then choose a DANIEL SMITH 284600090 Extra Fine Watercolor 15ml Paint Tube. 

 How to Bright Magenta Paint?

To make bright magenta paint you need to follow some basic tricks. 

  • First, choose a bright shade of red and mix it with white color. 
  • Add a blue or purple color in a small amount and mix them well. 
  • Finally, you will get a purplish-pink shade of magenta.

How to make dark magenta?

Adding black color to the magenta is the easiest way to darken the color. But you can also use the dark green color. 

The green color is the complementary color of magenta. Add a drop of green color and mix it. Don’t add too much color at the beginning. It’ll spoil the color.

Frequently Asked Question: 

How much do you need to spend to make Magenta Paint?

To make magenta paint at home, you have to buy mainly two or three primary colors. The price of these colors may vary based on the type, brand, or size. According to the size, the price may vary as below-

  • 4-oz tube: $7-$10
  • 8oz tube: $18-$26
  • 1 Gallon: $100

What Colors Are Close To Magenta? 

Despite making magenta, you can use alternative colors which are very close to magenta. Like- rose and violet color. 

For lighter shades of magenta, you can use opera rose and for brighter shades, permanent rose color is better.  You can also use quinacridone violet for a better darker shade of magenta.

Does magenta exist?

Magenta doesn’t exist in nature because it has no wavelength. And there’s no place for it on the spectrum. So how can we see magenta? As we know, red has a higher wavelength and blue has a lower wavelength. 

Mixing these two colors, the middle receptor takes it as green.  Actually, our brain doesn’t like to have green between blue and red or purple and red. 

Also, green is the complementary color of magenta.  Thus, the brain mixes up the color and converts it into a magenta which we see.


Making magenta paint isn’t so tough. If you have a basic idea about color mixing, then you can easily make this color. But if you’re a beginner,  then follow the instructions we mentioned above and keep trying. 

But, we suggest purchasing a tube of magenta from a local paint store is a better option. Because making magenta paint at home is a time-wasting project for beginners. 

Mixing the colors in a proper ratio and producing exact shades of magenta is a little bit complex also. Hopefully, you can understand what we say!