How To Make Reflective Paint? Easy 5-Step-By-Step Process That Works

You can wonder how the crosswalks, zebra crossings, traffic signs or road markings give a reflection. Are there any magical things? Absolutely not. It’s all about knowing the proper techniques and procedures which will enable you to make reflective paint. So, let’s learn how to make reflective paint. 

The mixture of acrylic paint and glass beads reflects the paint. You can make reflective paint by following these steps-

  • Gather necessary tools
  • Take glass beads to the container
  • Add disperse water
  • Add acrylic paint
  • Add transparent pigment and super shine silver
  • Get the desired reflectiveness of a paint

The detailed process will help you get the desired reflective paint as your preference. In this guideline,  I will share some of my experiences while making reflective paint for my bike. After getting the result, you will surprise by how interesting the paint you make is, trust me! Let’s dive into more details about reflective paint.

What is reflecting paint? What is it used for?

Reflective paint is regular paint mixed up with glass beads, crystals, glitter or pigment to add shiny textures upon applying paint. This paint reflects the lights and shiny textures in low-light shades.  

You can see the reflective paint used in our regular passing roads, driveways, traffic lights, or even in commercial dresses. The uses of reflective paint for some common purposes are given below-

  • The riders who have to ride their car daily, motorcycle, bike or bicycle use reflective paint to reduce injury while driving. As reflective paint helps to see the vehicle clearly by other riders behind them
  • Boaters use reflective paint on boats to ensure safety and to inspect the boat correctly at night.
  • Many cloth brands use active paint on dresses for night parties, birthday celebrations or particular occasions.
  • In road markings, crosswalks, and driveways- reflective paint benefits the walkers, passengers, drivers or riders to select the right paths. 
  • Reflective paint also widely use for paintings, art & crafts.

Ways to make reflective paint Using Glass Bead 

The simple and easy method of making reflective paint is using beads. Today I’m going to show you the step-by-step guideline with a few more tips to get the desired result. So, follow the instructions and keep trying! 

Things You need to have:

Before starting a project, you must gather the necessary tools; otherwise, it will be a mess while working. So, you just have these essential tools for a convenient reflective paint project –

  1. Paintbrush or roller
  2. Acrylic color
  3. Glass beads
  4. Container
  5. Disperse water
  6. Opaque Pigment
  7. Super shine silver

How to make reflective paint (Step-by-step Guide)  

Step 1: Take glass beads to the container  

The first thing you need to do is choose suitable beads according to your needs or project. There are various types of beads in the market. Specially, we use 3 types of beads for reflective paint-

  • Number 3 glass beads are very small in size. You can use it for almost every purpose. 
  • Number 16 glass beads are powder beads. These fine beads are for road or highway paint. 
  • Zumbo glass beads come in big sizes. 

Take the beads from the container and be ready for the next step.

 Step 2: Add dispersed water to the container 

In order to make the binder receive more dry filler,  you have to use dispersed water on the container. Use 5% dispersed water and mix it with a brush roller handle to the glass beads.

Step 3: Add acrylic color

It’s time to add acrylic color to the mixture. You can use acrylic 65, which has a high content of resin. It will give you the best result. So, use 20% acrylic color with the glass beads on the container. Mix until they are ready to bind on the surface.

Step 4: Add pigment

Adding the transparent pigment will increase the lustre and reflectiveness of the paint. You can use any opaque pigment color in a little bit of the mixture. You will get dry saturated paint after mixing the pigment.

Step 5: Add metallic super-shine silver to get the ultimate reflective color 

Add 5% or less of super shine silver to the mixture. It is a very concentrated aluminium base which increases the reflectiveness of a paint. 

Here you will get the desired reflective paint in a dry state or condition.

Best reflecting paint: Let’s Talk about Some Basic Points. 

If you are looking for commercial reflecting paint, then you will get it on the market. Many brands offer various reflecting paints for different categories of projects. 

Have difficulties purchasing the right reflecting paint? Then, check the two best reflecting paints which really give you a satisfactory result. Check it now-

1. ViziGlow White  Reflective Paint 

ViziGlow white reflecting paint is one of my favourite reflecting paints which absolutely gives the best result ever. The first thing that impresses you about this paint is that it offers a little sponge brush for applying it! 

Isn’t it like a bonus? The only thick coat is enough to provide the perfect reflection for your project. You don’t even need to apply multiple layers. 

The paint contains 350 mesh, reflective powder, white acrylic paint and water-based polyurethanes, making it great for use. It’s very easy to use and takes less time & energy. 

2. ViziGlow Ultra bright Reflective paint

Another one from ViziGlow is Ultra bright Reflective paint great for high reflection of any project. 

It provides a paintbrush and stirring stick with paint. Before use, must follow the application process instruction; otherwise, you’ll not get the desired result. 

With a single coat, you’ll get the reflectiveness which you want. So, there’s no need for extra coats while using this reflective paint. 

The silver powder on the paint is the reason behind the ultra-reflectiveness. It gives bright white or silver reflective color after application. 

I can assure you that this one will be your best purchasing reflective paint ever! 


How does light reflective paint work?

Light reflective paint reflects because of the mixing of glass beads. Light-reflective paint reflects the heat.  Here, glass beads absorb the light and reflect it to its source. Hence, many roofers use it, which helps to reduce electricity bills and also cool your home.

How long does reflective paint last?

Reflective paints are the most durable paints, which can last for 10-15years. But, the climate, rain or other reasons can dull over time. So, this actually depends on the weather condition and the appliance.

Is reflective paint waterproof?

Reflective paint isn’t waterproof. The wet condition, rain, or humidity can affect the durability of reflective paint. But, it is a durable paint as well.

How much does heat-reflective paint cost?

Using heat-reflective paint costs vary depending on the roof color. According to the estimates, it can cost between $13 -$15 per square meter roof.

Final Verdict 

Creating your own reflective paint is really fun and exciting to do. The simplest way is to describe the full article with proper instructions. 

Hopefully, you’ll need approximately 10-20 minutes as a beginner to make the paint, trust me! If you haven’t enough confidence, let’s make it a little bit easier! Go to the shop and buy one of the suitable reflective paint for your needs. 

This will reduce your cost and energy. So, what’s the next step you will take? Don’t forget to share it with us! Enjoy your paints with creativity.  Ba bye…!