How to Paint a Fiberglass Door [Easy Step-by-Step Guide]

Nowadays, Fiberglass doors (made of compression-moulded fiberglass) have become a favorite due to their aesthetic look. But what makes them even more aesthetic especially to the homeowners? I think you would agree with me that painting a fiberglass door could be one of the solutions that can make them even more stylish and appealing. 

Probably, you don’t know how to paint a fiberglass door? Painting fiberglass doors isn’t rocket science. Before starting the process, you should choose fiberglass-friendly paints to get gloss finishes. Arrange all the necessary things, clean the door, cover the surface with painter’s tape, prime it and apply the paint. Finally, let it dry and repeat the process for further coating.  

However,  Painting is not only about brushing the paints on a surface; it’s an art. Let’s learn the art of painting a fiberglass door with an excellent finish.

How to Paint a Fiberglass Door Before After

Can You paint a fiberglass door?

The first question that may come into your mind is, can you paint a fiberglass door? Painting on fiberglass doors enables you to have a wide range of choices of the outlook you want.

You can paint the fiberglass door with a few easy steps regardless of what finish it has. If the door has a smooth finish, you can only paint on it. But if it has a textured finish, you can go for painting or stain.

However, painting fiberglass consists of a few easy steps like other painting projects. First, you have to clean the surface and add primer. And then paint on the door to have an attractive look on your interior or exterior door.

What kind of paint to use on a fiberglass door?

Before you start painting your fiberglass door, it is essential for you to decide what kind of paint to use on the fiberglass door. Not all paints will result in the desired appearance.

You can pick any one type between three choices: high gloss, semi-gloss, and low gloss. High gloss paint will give you a fascinating look at your doors and will catch the heavy attention of people.

If you want your fiberglass doors to catch less attention, then you can go for semi-gloss. In fact, semi-gloss is our best choice too as they are not too glamorous nor dull. You also can go for low gloss if you want a conservative look on your fiberglass door.

Acrylic paints are the best fit for painting fiberglass doors. You also can choose from polyester, polyurethane, or epoxy paints as they also suit fiberglass materials. Oil-based paints are not the best choice for fiberglass doors, but they are okay to use.

What kind of paint to use on a therma-tru fiberglass door?

If you have fiberglass doors from Therma-Tru, you also need to use high-quality acrylic paints. Other options may not offer the best result, so it is better to stick with Acrylic paint. 

How to paint a fiberglass door  (Easy Step by Step)

Once you have decided which type of paint you want to use, you can start painting your fiberglass door. Now, we will explain the process step by step with detailed instructions:

Step 1: Clean the Door

You need to clean the door well to paint it. Take the door to a workspace and lay it flat. Laying the door flat horizontally on the clean padded surface is the most convenient position, but work can be done in any position you want.

If there is any weatherstrip on the door, remove that first. Use a soft-bristled brush for the removal. Then you can use a soft and dry cloth for any weatherstripping that might be left off. Read the manufacturer’s guide for more detailed instructions. 

Now, mix a few drops of dish soap into a bucket of warm water. Then start wiping the entire door with the mixture using a sponge. Clean every corner of the door well. You also can use a soft cloth if you do not have a sponge.

Once you are done with wiping, rinse the fiberglass door with clean water using a clean sponge. Make sure there is no single drop of dish soap when you finish cleaning.

After that, let the door dry for a few hours. It may take two to five hours, depending on the weather out there. 

Step 2: Stick Painter’s Tape

Stick painter’s tape to the area where you do not want to paint. Cover the window glasses on the fiberglass door and also the hardware such as doorknob and door jamb. Using painter’s tape enables you to paint faster and also protects the areas from drops of paint.

Try to cover the work area with old newspapers. It will protect the floor from paint drops. If you do not have any newspapers at home, you can use old clothes or anything else you want.

Step 3:  Apply Primer

Primer ensures the paint adheres to your fiberglass door. Some people recommend it is not necessary to apply primer on fiberglass if the surface is smooth. But we always prefer to use primer for a durable painting.

Stir the primer and pour it into a tray before application. Then start priming with a synthetic brush. Make sure you apply the primer in all the areas of the door. Try using the brush in a similar direction to the grains. 

You also can use a spray gun for priming, but you need to be an expert for getting an even and perfect finish. However, if you are working inside a room, open the windows before priming for proper ventilation. And also, wear gloves while applying primer and paints.

After you are done priming, give it a few hours to dry. Follow the manufacturer’s guide to know how long it should take to dry completely.

Step 4: Apply Paint

Once the primer has dried cherries completely, you can move to apply paint. Depending on which paint you have chosen, prepare it and apply it smoothly on the surface of the door. Use the brush at the same angle you have applied the primer.

Using exterior-grade paint for exterior doors will have better results. It will protect the fiberglass from harsh outside weather. You can go for both interior and exterior grades for the interior side.

A total of two or three coats of paint is enough. You can use only one light coat if you want to paint a fiberglass door to look like wood. Or you can also go for wooden colors for the same purpose.

However, before applying the next coat of paint, let the previous paint dry well and proceed.

Step 5: Finishing

After you have completed painting the fiberglass door, let it set down for a moment before you remove the painter’s tape. You can remove the tape before the paint completely dries to avoid stripping off the paint.

Using a utility knife to cut through dried paint to prevent peeling paint is also a good idea. Well, you have completed painting the fiberglass door, and now you can set the door for use.

Can you paint a fiberglass door that has been stained?

You can paint a fiberglass door even if it has been stained before. The process is similar to when you paint a normal fiberglass door. However, here you must use high-quality primer for sealing the stain.

Best Primer for fiberglass door

Using a good quality primer on the fiberglass door is essential to get optimal results. Try to select a primer that is compatible with the paint you are using. Usually, latex, urethane, and epoxy primers are suitable with most fiberglass paints. However, our research shows latex and urethane provide better results.

Feeling confused about what is the best primer for a fiberglass door? Here’s our top pick:

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 All Surface Primer

When you ask for the best primer for fiberglass doors, Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 All Surface Primer beats others. Its water-based acrylic formula ensures a uniform and strong adherence on the surface.

Zinsser is a well-reputed brand in the painting industry. They have been producing high-quality paints and primers for more than one and a half centuries.

Even if your fiberglass door is old and worn out, the Zinsser Primer will work absolutely fine. One coat of the primer is enough for strong adhesion. It should be dried within one hour after application, and then you can apply the topcoat.

(Honorable mentions) best acrylic paint for fiberglass door  

Selecting the best acrylic paint for fiberglass is the most important job while painting. That’s because it is the topcoat of the door. How the door will look finally and how long the painting will last heavily depends on the paint you are using.

If you are in a dilemma about which paint to use on your fiberglass door, here are our top picks:

Rust-Oleum Universal Enamel Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Universal Enamel Spray Paint is one of the best choices for paints for fiberglass doors. The application process is relatively easy with its spray system. As most people prefer to use spray paint, we have selected it as our top pick.

When talking about brands, everyone in the Painting industry knows how good Rust-Oleum paints are. With Rust-Oleum paints, you get a smooth and flawless finish on your doors.

One of the best things about this spray paint is that you have a wide range of color options to pick from. You can select the one that matches your colors and the environment around the door. 

Rust-Oleum Door Paint

If you do not want spray paint, we recommend you to use Rust-Oleum Door Paint. Its weather resistance makes it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior door painting.

As we already told you, Rust-Oleum is one of the best paint brands in the world. Here you also get a few color options to pick from.

The only drawback is that it is oil-based paint instead of water. But still, its low-gloss finish offers a great look on fiberglass doors. Though the manufacturer claims one coat of paint is enough, we recommend you go for a double coat for a better result.


It sounds like a lot of work to do to get a good-looking fiberglass door. But now, as you know how to paint a fiberglass door, the job should be easier for you. Whether the door is new or old, spend only a few hours, and you will forget the hard work of seeing the excellent look of the fiberglass door.

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