How To Tie Dye With Acrylic Paint? Top 6 Methods And Instruction

Tie-dye was the most popular fashion trend since the 1960s. Though the traditional process of it was so tricky, time-consuming, and expensive, most people liked this tie-dye fashion trend at that time. 

Fortunately, this trend has come back again with super fun ways today. Now you can imagine any tie-dye craft without using dye or expensive colors. Just acrylic paints and some simple steps are enough to get a nice craft within a few minutes.

Various color options, simple processes, and inexpensive ingredients will help you get a dying fabric very easily. And there is no need for any training or previous skill.

Hit this post and know more about tie-dye with acrylic paint. You will learn how to tie-dye with acrylic paint and some simple methods.

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Can You Tie Dye With Acrylic Paint?

Yes, you can tie-dye with acrylic paint. Using acrylic paint to tie-dye on fabric, you can get a better outcome than the normal dye. You can customize any fabric like shirts using this dying method. The colors will be bold but won’t fade after more washing. 

So when you can tie-dye most of the fabrics at home using acrylic paint, there is no need to jump to any craft store or revamp any old pieces with DIY care. Using acrylic to dye any clothes or fabrics at home is fun. 

Besides these, this paint is safer for kids to design and art on fabric. You can add any shades and colors depending on your pattern requirements. Just mix and match the color and reveal your creativity.

Can I Tie-Dye Using Fabric Paint?

You can tie-dye using fabric paint, and it is much easier than acrylic paint. Generally, fabric paint is very thin and doesn’t need to mix other ingredients to transfer as an easy dye. For an easy tie-dye process, fabric paint is a perfect way. 

You will love this paint for varieties of colors that are affordable. This non-traditional tie-dye way you can do yourself and allow your kids. Do it simply if you decide to get a nice design by tying and dyeing using fabric paint.

How to Tie-Dye Using Fabric Paint?

How To Tie Dye With Acrylic Paint
  • Take thin fabric paint and your shirt or other clothes. 
  • Then tie the shirts according to your design. 
  • Get started painting its design using a paintbrush or foam brush. 
  • Use as many fabric paint colors as you need and paint the different areas using different colors!
  • Then let it dry completely! You need to hang the shorts to dry. 
  • Untie and iron the shirt and enjoy a new design shirt in this easy way. 

Can I Tie Dye With Coloured Sharpies?

Tie and Dye using sharpie markers is also an amazing job and very interesting to reveal your creativity in art. This tie-dye process is also an easy and super fun way that you can do it at home without any secondhand help. 

Steps to Tie-Dye With Coloured Sharpies: 

Step 1: (Gather Necessary Things) 

For this tie-dye process, you have to gather some essential ingredients. For example, 

  • Sharpie markers
  • Hand gloves
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A white cotton shirt
  • An eyedropper
  • Some elastic bands
  • A sprayer bottle and 
  • A fork is optional to drop the alcohol and spread it fast.

Step 2: (Prepare your Shirt)

Take the shirt and make a spiral. Now tight the shirt using some elastic bands! Here it will make some parts where you can start coloring. 

Step 3: (Start Coloring)

Color the spiral shirt using different colors according to your choice. After finishing the colors apply alcohol using an eyedropper or sprayer so that the alcohol spreads the colors all around. When you see the colors move on all sides of the shirts, you are dying. 

Step 4: (Let’s Dry The Object)

Now leave it for a few minutes to dry the colored shirt and untie the elastic. Wow, it’s a wonderful and colorful design. 

How To Tie Dye With Acrylic Paint 

We will show you how to tie-dye with acrylic paint with water in this segment. Let’s move on and customize a plain shirt using acrylic paint!


  • Acrylic paints 
  • Water
  • Bleach
  • White/black cotton t-shirt
  • Spray bottles or containers (small size)
  • Some rubber bands

First Method: Spiral Tie Dye

Step-1: Take a white cotton t-shirt and acrylic paints; here, we will use the colors (yellow, blue, & red) 

Step-2: Take your empty and clean spray bottle. Pour little acrylic paint and fill the bottle with water. Mix them very well so that the color will mix very well.  

Step-3: Now twist the shirt from the center, make it like a ball, and tighten it using some rubber band; how much do you need to tie your shorts. 

Step-3: Spray all the colors simultaneously, one by one, on the shirt. Spray the colors on both sides of the shirt. Then cut and remove the rubber bands.

Step-4: Leave the dying shirt fully dry. Suppose you need to hang it for more than 2-4 hours. Let it dry completely before washing it. Now enjoy your first design.

Now let’s move to the next design!

Second Method: Crumple Tie Dye

Step-1: Crumple your white t-shirt and prepare your shirt for next steps. Tie the spiral shirt using some bands. 

Step-2: Choose two colors, and here we use light blue and deep blue. Take two empty bottles and pour some acrylic paints into both bottles. Fill the bottle with water and mix the paint very smartly.

Step-3: Now drop the paint on the shirt one after one and color the shirt using both colors to make a nice design.

Step-4: Remove the bands and open the shirt and see an amazing design on your plain shirt. What a wonderful tie-dye it is! Let the shirt dry fully before washing it.

Third Method: Bleach Tie Dye

Step-1: For this tie-dye process, we need to pick a dark t-shirt. Grab the shirt from the center and make a spiral. Hold the spiral shirt using the rubber bands light tightly

Step-2: Now fill half of a bottle with bleach and the other half with water. Your bleach is ready to color your shirt. Drop the bleach on your shirt and check your shirt colored as your requirement. 

Step-3: When you finish dropping the bleach, remove all the bands and open your new shirt. Wash it properly to remove the bleach. Let it dry and wear it before getting out with your friends.

Fourth Method: Accordion Tie Dye

Step-1: Take a white cotton shirt and fold it in half. Make a straight line from the middle using a temporary marker or pencil.  

Step-2: Fold the shirt following the line and hold the shirt with bands. Make some parts and keep some distance among the lines and portions.

Step-3: Pour some acrylic paint into a bottle and fill it with water. Make a nice thinner color. Here we use red, yellow, light blue, and deep blue). you have to decide what color you like to use.

Step-4: Pour the color from front to bottom step by step. Finally, remove the bands and let them dry fully. After drying the shirt, completely wash it and then enjoy wearing it

Fifth Method: Bullseye Tie Dye

Step-1: Crab your white t-shirt from the middle. Start tying the shirt from the middle and divide the shirt into a few portions using rubber bands.

Step-2: Take five separate bottles of five colors (red, yellow, light green, light blue, and deep blue). Make five colors following the above directions by mixing water. 

Step-3: Paint your shirt using the prepared colors. Cut and remove all bands and leave them for drying before washing.

Sixth Method: Mirror Tie Dye

Step-1: Take acrylic paints that you want. Here we are going to use two colors. Prepare the colors by mixing them with water using two different containers

Step-2: Use a white t-shirt. Fold it in half. Crab this white t-shirt from the middle and make a spiral. Hold it with some rubber bands 

Step-3: Now coat the paints on the shirt. Drop the colors on both of the sides properly. After dropping all colors remove the bands and let them dry before washing. That’s it.

You can follow any methods to shift your pain t-shirt into a fantastic design at home. 

Tie Dyye Wtih Acrylic Paints

Best Acrylic Paint For Tie Dye

The best acrylic paint for tie-dye is the most important part for getting the best result. Choose the paint very carefully. We recommend here some best options for you on those you can rely on and allow your kids to use.

 If you need to get eco-friendly acrylic paint, you can choose Tulip one-step Tie-Dye Kits

This one is ideal for beginner skill levels. It is a user-friendly and high-quality product. This water-activated paint is perfect for dying natural elements like cotton, wool, or rayon.

If you seek the best acrylic paint for your kids, you can pick Vanstek Tie Dye Kit. It is a great kit pack for craft lover’s kids that offer 24-bright color options. It is safe for your kids because of its non-toxic and acid-free features.  

Wrap Up!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the above unique tie-dye processes. You can try any fun crafts to mix up your wardrobe. Those ways are very smart, simple, easy, and funny. You can give it a gift to your kids for a fun craft. 

Have enjoyed a nice and colorful fabric on the next outdoor camping trip with your family!