5 Methods of Hydro Dip Without Spray Paint

Hydro dipping has raised storms as a fun craft in the web world today. Many people can’t imagine hydro-dipping without spray paint. Some people can’t use spray paint for toxicity. The good news for those DIY and art Lovers is that some effective methods can skip spray paints.

Hydro dipping without spray paint is also an amazing craft process, achievable. Some effective methods didn’t require spray paint and allowed you to use acrylic paint, nail polish, marbling, hydrographic films, and enamels. All of them are safer methods, even for kids.

Heat this post, and here we will show you how to hydro dip using spray paint.

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How To Hydro Dip Without Spray Paint -Top 5 methods?

Indeed, spray paint isn’t only a single method for hydro dipping. There are some more successful processes for Hydro dipping. 

Every technique is different but brings fruitful results. Following are top five popular methods for hydro dipping without spray paint.

Method 1: Magic Marbling Painting

Marbling painting is a wonderful old printing process that lets the colors or paints transfer to objects from the water’s surface. 

This technique is ideal for wood and paper. Marbling is not only popular for painting on any hard object like glass, mugs, and shoes but also amazing for paper art.

When you want to get marbling paint, you can use acrylic paint. Using the paint and direction in this performance will vary based on the objects.

Here is a  method of marbling painting:

Need Materials

·        A bucket

·        Water (Room Temperature)

·        A stick or toothpick

·        Magic marbling paint (Marabu Easy Amrble Paint)

·        Targeted cleaned and primed items


  1. Pour the water into the bucket, and it will ¾ rating of the bucket
  2. Start mixing the paints you prefer on the water one by one; (You can add as many paints as you want for different colors). If the colors remain the right consistency, they will float on the water’s surface.
  3. Take a hard stick and move the color gently to make a pattern
  4. Dip your object into the water, stir, and pull out just a magic moment.
  5. Let the item dry for the perfect time. 

Finished! Here you shouldn’t spray any aerosol. It is an easy, quick, non-toxic, and safe method that is ideal for having fun for kids also. 

Note: If the paints sink after pouring into the water, they will be thick and heavy. Try to make them thin by adding some more paints and giving the perfect consistency for floating on the water surface.

Method 2: Hydrographic Film

The hydro dip is also known as a hydrographic method that is the best way to get complex and customized prints quickly. 

In this method, you will get a ready-made design film where you don’t think more about the patterns you will paint on your objects.

Let’s see how to hydro dip with hydro dipping film!

Need Ingredients:

  • Bucket or hydro dipping tray
  • Water
  • Hydro dipping film (pre-printed and water transfer)
  • Aerosol Activator
  • Objects (Anything)


1.     Take Hydrographic water transfer printing film and cut, measuring the right size what you want for your object. Tape around the film so that the printed art won’t spread into the water.

2.     Take some water into a tray or a bucket that you need to dip your items properly in.

3.     Now lay the film on the water surface and dip the items in the right directions. See the film wrap itself around the items after dipping into the water.

4.     After a few seconds, pull it off and magically look at the print transferred from the print film into your objects.

5.     After drying the painted objects, apply an activator to protect the paint from dirt.   

Here you get an aerosol activator with the recommended film. You don’t need to buy it separately. The activator helps the item dissolve the film and performs as the binding agent in the paint.

Method 3: Nail Polish

We are familiar with Nail polish as a beauty product. Surprisingly it performs better, such as dry fast, elastic, and glossy paint for hydro dipping painting.

Select some metal colors for a more shiny result and pour the color on the water’s surface in different lines or patterns. Use all picked-up colors slowly. Grab a toothpick or hard and thin stick to move the colors without breaking them.

Now dip your cleaned and greased products at a preferred angle very slowly for a couple of minutes. Then pull it in a similar position and same speed.

This nail polish process is ideal for ceramic items if you don’t want to purchase some extra supplies for different items. In addition, nail polish isn’t toxic-free. So, be careful when using this item.

Method 4: Enamel Paint

This hydro dipping process is a pro method and offers pro results.

For this technique, you have to take oil-based enamel paint (Testors Enamel Paint can be a great choice), hot water and borax to make the mixture.

Then take an object which is cleaned, primed, and even degreased. Dip it very slowly from the right angle and keep it there for a minute. 

Push the color to the items so that the colors can stick quickly. Pull it out, leave it for 48 hours, and let it dry completely.

This method is often used for guitar bodies, and some professionals prefer this way for their different products.

Method 5: Paper Marbling Paint

Paper marbling paint is another hydro dipping painting method that doesn’t also require spray paint. If you want to get paper marble painting that you can let your kids also apply, check out an ideal painting set for paper hydro dipping painting.

Here you can use a safe and kids-friendly paint set such as Abeier water marbling paint kit Set. This will offer you 8-different colors options with paper and other kits for painting. The plus point of this paint set is it doesn’t require any more ingredients without water.

You can drop the paint directly on the water and dip the paper. After painting, leave it for 30 minutes to 2-hours based on your objects. 

This paint set is specially used on 3D items, which perform just like spray paint on papers. Kids enjoy this art and inspiration for painting more.

However, remember the results can differ based on the paint composition, items that you dip, and overall dipping technique. You can make different patterns according to your design using different paints properly.

Wrap up!

Finally, we hope you have got how to hydro dip without spray paint. Though spray paint is more popular, the above five hydro dipping methods are also very simple than spray paint.

If you would like to practice those processes, we suggest first practicing the Hydrographic film method. This is one type of ready-made technique that doesn’t need to design or make patterns by thinking more.

However, it’s not a big matter what method you select for your next design. All methods are easy and safe with a similar fun experience of hydro dipping without spray paint.

Have fun with new hydro dipping techniques!