Is Spray Paint Waterproof? Let’s Explore Real Experiments and Results!

I prefer using spray paints for their convenient application process. But I was thinking of using it outdoors and in some places where it may get exposed to water. I needed waterproof paint for such situations. That’s why I asked myself, “is spray paint waterproof?”

In general, most spray paints are not waterproof but can resist water spills or splashes. , but it can resist water spills or splashes. But if you rub water roughly on spray paint, it will come off. Sometimes, it depends on whether spray paint is waterproof or not for the formation and coatings. 

With good formation, some spray paints may perform well against water. After detailed research and experiments, I learned which spray paints are waterproof and how to use them in the best way. Today, I will be sharing all my knowledge about waterproof spray paints. Let’s start!

What Are Spray Paints? [Types of Spray Paints]

Spray paints, aka aerosol paints, are liquid paints that come in sealed containers and are released in spray when you press the valve button. Unlike normal paints, you do not need a brush to apply spray paint.

However, spray paints come in various forms or types. Let’s have a detailed look at the most common spray paint types.

Types of Spray Paints: 

The following 8 types of spray paints are most commonly available in the market right now:

  1. General-purpose: General-purpose spray paints are for use indoors and outdoors and are suitable for all surfaces.
  2. Oil-based: Oil-based paints usually contain some oil. Most oil-based spray paints use linseed oil.
  3. Acrylic: Acrylic spray paint consists of pigment, acrylic binder, and acrylic vehicle. Acrylic spray paints become water-resistant after drying.
  4. Enamel: Enamel spray paint provides a glossy finish that looks quite attractive on vehicles. Besides, it has a quick dry time and is quite durable.
  5. Epoxy: Epoxy spray paint is mainly used on floors and is usually waterproof.
  6. Lacquer: Lacquer spray paint is hard to paint with a shiny finish. The good thing is that the lacquer paint is waterproof.
  7. Chalk paint: Chalk spray paint is mainly for furniture, but you can use them on any surface. The special thing about chalk paint is that it doesn’t require priming or sanding 
  8. Frosted: Frosted spray paints are for applying on glasses that have a semi-transparent finish. 

These were the most common types of spray paints available in the market that you can use. I know you are thinking about the water resistance ability of spray paints. Let’s dive into the main topic. 

Is Spray Paint Waterproof: Components that make spray paints waterproof? 

Yes, spray paints are waterproof, but only a few types. Certain elements can make paints waterproof. Two main components that make spray paints waterproof are epoxy, polymer, & oil.

Let’s have a closer look at these spray paint ingredients:

  • Epoxy

Epoxy in spray paints basically refers to epoxy resins, a type of polymer and prepolymer. It is a form of thermostat plastic that is also known as polyoxides. The unique chemical formation of epoxy makes it water-resistant.

  • Polymer

Polymer is the key ingredient that makes paints resistant to water. It is a chemical substance of large molecules known as macromolecules. 

While used in paints, the polymer is mixed with other chemical substances to make it waterproof. 

These polymers in the paints are polymer binders, homopolymers, etc. All of these are resistant to water at some level. 

  • Oil

Oil is another spray paint ingredient that makes paints waterproof. As oil and water do not mix together due to the absence of polar parts in oil, the oil spray paint remains unharmed by the water.

These are the three main ingredients that can make spray paints waterproof. Oil-based paint, acrylic paint, and epoxy spray paint include any of these ingredients, which is why they are waterproof.

However, you should know that these components need supporting chemical substances to have the ability to resist water. If you see a spray paint that is a high gloss, or enamel, includes polyurethane, or can be used as a sealant, then most probably, the spray paint is water-resistant.

All top paint brands sell various spray paints. But not all of them are waterproof. Suppose you want to purchase waterproof spray paints from your favorite brand. In that case, you can check the following table:

BrandsWaterproof Spray Paints Model
KrylonKrylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray Paint Crystal Clear
Krylon K01309 Gallery Series Artist and Clear Coatings Aerosol
Krylon Unisex Adult Krylon Fusion ALL IN ONE 2705 Gloss Clear
Rust-Oleum Rust-Oleum 285092 Stops Rust Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum 245199 Universal Enamel Spray Paint
Mod PodgeMod Podge Spray Acrylic Sealer

Keep in mind that these waterproof spray paints are not absolutely waterproof. Can sprays are never too good against water. Water splashes or spills will not damage the paints, but if you apply too much water and forcefully try to remove them, they will come off. 

Does Spray Paint Come Off in Water?

Yes, if you put pressure, most spray paints will come off in the water. If the paint is still wet, you can wipe off any spray paint you want. But after drying, a few spray paints will survive the water splashes, while the others will come off.

As you already know, even though some spray paints are waterproof, their waterproofing ability is not that strong. Hence, you must be careful when purchasing spray paints for your next project.

Is spray paint washable?

Yes, most spray paints are washable on clothes, skins, or walls. If a few drops of paint get on your skin or clothes, wash them off with soapy water, and they will come off. It will be easier to wash spray paints when they are wet. But if the paints dry, then you may need to apply force or use acetone or diluted vinegar.

Let’s find answers to a few more questions regarding whether spray paints are washable or not:

Is Krylon spray paint washable?

Yes, Krylon spray paints are washable with soapy water or liquid. If you try to wash them, the paint will start coming off soon. Even if you are using water-resistant Krylon spray paints, washing them will remove the paints from the surface.

You may want to wash away spray paints from clothes or spray paint stains from other surfaces. It is easy to wash off the Krylon paints with soapy water or diluted vinegar at home.

Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Waterproof?

Yes, Rust-Oleum spray paint has quite a few water-resistant products, but they only resist water to a certain level. As they are not 100% waterproof, they are washable and removable with liquid.

If you want to wash away the Rust-Oleum spray paints, you can try using diluted vinegar. First, mix a few drops of white vinegar with a bowl of warm water. Then damp a towel into it and start rubbing the paint with a towel. It will wipe off the spray paint quickly.

Is chalk spray paint washable?

Yes, although chalk spray paints are water-resistant, most of them are easily washable with soapy water or chemical liquids. 

Chalk sprays are excellent for temporary projects where you must wash off the paint after a certain time. Rub the paint with a damp sponge or towel, and it will come off. 

How to Apply Waterproof Spray Paint

Applying waterproof spray paint is quite easy, but you need to know the process first. Or else you may end up making mistakes and messing around. 

You do not need a brush or extra equipment that you may need while applying normal paints.

Get a towel and spray paint, and start following the steps below to apply waterproof spray paints:

Step 1: Prepare the surface

First, clean the surface with a dry cloth or brush. If there is any dust or particles on the surface, you will not get a good finishing.

Tip: Work in a well-ventilated area to avoid suffocation and wear goggles & gloves for safety.

Step 2: Apply spray paints

Once the surface is ready, you can start spraying the paint. But before that, shake the bottle well. Then start spraying on the surface. 

Keep the nozzle 5 to 8 inches far from the surface and move the sprayer all over the surface. Apply multiple coats of spray paint for better results. 

Keep in mind: Do not keep spraying at the same location for more than a few seconds or it will cause dripping.

Step 3: Let it dry

Once you have finished painting, let the paint dry for a few hours. The drying time may vary depending on the spray paint you are using. Follow the manufacturer’s guide to know how long it will take to dry.

It’s done! Now the surface looks new and attractive with excellent finishing, and all the credit goes to you!

Does Spray Paint Need to be Sealed?

No, it is not necessary to seal spray paints. But if you want a high-gloss finish or to protect the paint from water or harsh weather, then you can apply sealant. I normally recommend sealing only if you use the paint for the exterior.

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry?

Spray paints take 5 minutes to one hour to dry on the surface. Besides, it takes at least 24 hours to dry completely. It largely depends on what type of spray paints you are using and from what brand.

The spray paint can mention on its body the time it will take to dry. Read that for proper knowledge, and it will also help you know the best process to apply the spray paint.

Can You Spray Paint in the Rain?

No, you can not spray paint in the rain, even if the spray paint is waterproof. That’s because the spray paints resist water only after drying. Therefore, if rain splashes on the spray paint, then it will come off instantly.

Try to find a bright and sunny day for applying paint. It will help the spray paint dry quickly. But if the weather in your area is moisturized, try to select a day when there is no rain.

How Long Does Spray Paint Last Outside?

Spray paints last approximately 3 to 5 years outside. If you apply good quality water-resistant exterior spray paint, it should have a good lifespan. Harsh weather conditions may reduce durability, and good weather means longer durability.

However, you must be careful while selecting spray paint for exterior usage. Make sure they can particularly mention it is for the exterior. The spray paint should be either epoxy, enamel, polyuria, oil-based, or high gloss.


  1. How to Tell if Spray Paint is Waterproof?

You need to read the label of the spray paint to tell whether it is waterproof or not. The packaging will mention “waterproof” if the spray paint is waterproof. If not, check for mentions of enamel, polyurethane, epoxy, or oil-based, which indicates the paint is water-resistant.

  1. Is Rustoleum stone spray paint waterproof?

No, the Rust-Oleum stone spray paint is not waterproof and can be washed off with water. However, it is water resistant, and a user from the USA applied it to his bathtub. He has been using the bathtub for more than a month without having any problems.

  1. Is Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint waterproof?

No, the Rust-Oleum oil-rubbed bronze spray paint is water-resistant but not waterproof. It is for exterior usage and is suitable for all surfaces. That’s why it has some level of water-resistant ability, but it is not waterproof spray paint. 

  1. Can you waterproof wood with paint?

Yes, you can waterproof wood with paint, but you must use a sealant with it. If the paint is both a sealant and a paint, then you may not need to apply anything extra. Only two coats of paint will do the job for you.


After a detailed analysis, I can assure you that only a few spray paints are waterproof, and most of the other spray paints are water resistant. 

However, if you are using spray paint outdoors and exposed to harsh weather conditions, then I will suggest you add sealant for better protection. Or you can use normal waterproof paints instead of spray paints for a superior result.