PPG Paint vs Sherwin Williams Paint – What should I choose?

When it comes to choosing the quality paint for your project, you may get confused. As most selling paint brands like PPG or Sherwin William, what should I choose?  So, when you compare PPG vs Sherwin Williams, you’ll find the right solutions.  

The key difference between PPG paint and Sherwin William varies on different factors such as coverage, durability, application, and price. PPG paint’s rich colors with the easy application of one coat will make your money worth it. Again, Sherwin Williams’s durability can make you wonder ever!  

In this article, we’ll try to gather the comparative features of PPG paint and Sherwin Williams. Also, there’ll be a recommendation for buying paint according to your affordable budget. Let’s know which suits your project.

PPG vs Sherwin-Williams

Which Brand Has The Better Paint? 

Choosing a popular brand is necessary. Also, it’s essential to ensure the quality of paint. Like, you’re trying to cover an old wall, and you overlooked the coverage capability of the paint brand. It’s going to be a mess! 

Brand quality can be converted to capability, demand, price, and many more! Therefore, take a glance at the comparison table for a short concept. 

Let’s check which brand stands up to your expectations.

PPG paint vs Sherwin Williams: Quick Comparison Table

The comparison table is about the two best-selling brands -PPG paint and Sherwin Williams. Take a glance in the below-

Features PPG paintSherwin Williams 
Coverage400 square feet300-400 square feet
CoatOneOne or two
Drying time1hr or less24hours
Cure time14-60daysAbout 30 days
DurabilityUp to 2 years 7-8 years 
Best for Covering up smokes and water resistanceBrushing and rolling 

PPG paint VS Sherwin Williams: Key differences

Discovering a new outlook of your home, wall paint with the quality brand is a fact. In comparison, PPG paint or Sherwin Williams come with different features. There are several factors used to compare between two brands.  Let’s know which one suits your project-

  • Durability

Before choosing paint, we are very concerned about how long-lasting it will be? So, long-lasting paint is the main category we want to highlight first.

PPG paint provides both high-quality interior and exterior paint, which is excellent for durability. The paint dries easily, is more flexible, and is long-lasting. 

On the other hand, if you can prepare the surface correctly, Sherwin-Williams interior and exterior paint can last more years. 

  • Coverage

PPG paint offers full coverage within a clear coat. This depends on how much paint you need for your surface. 

If you properly apply the exact quantity, it must be the perfect coverage.  Generally, it covers the surface of about 400 square ft. per gallon.

Again, Sherwin-Williams provides coverage with three options, such as:

  • Low coverage
  • Medium coverage, and 
  • High coverage. 

The surface will cover about 300-400 Square. ft.  Hence, this paint coverage is comparatively lower than PPG paint.

  • Application

Whether as a housemaster, it’s a matter of concern about paint application. The easy application can be a  plus point. PPG paint knows the value, and they provide a paint that is simple and easier to apply. 

Like, it’s not mandatory to use a primer before applying the paint. Use a base coat, and after that, apply the final coat. It’s as simple as that.

But, the Sherwin-Williams paint apply is a little bit complex. You need to prepare a surface like sanding, and priming is mandatory. Agin, there you need to follow more essential steps to apply paint

  • Drying time

The drying time of paint can be a significant factor when you’re in a hurry to finish a project. Again, excess drying time can result in an even thick coat, and you can easily apply the paint topcoat without hesitation.

Paint drying times also depend on the humidity, temperature, or ventilation of your home. 

PPG paint takes only one hour or less time to dry. For this, you must have to paint first as much as you can. Otherwise,  the coat can be uneven if you’re being late to apply many times.

  • Cure time

As we know, in the period of curing time, you aren’t able to wipe off or wash the wall. Therefore, it takes a longer time to dry paint completely.  

Although the drying time is less than 1hr, the curing time of ppg paint takes 14-60 days to cure. On the other hand, Sherwin Williams paint’s curing time is about 30days. 

  • Price

An affordable budget is an issue for buying any product. Availability and quality measure from the rate. In this case, PPG paint’s price will make you wonder. 

The price per gallon of PPG paint is $20-$60. On the other hand, Sherwin-Williams prices are  $40-$50+ per gallon. 

Which Paint is Better for Which Surface?  

If you want to get a smooth, glossy finish of your living room, the choice of sheen should be considerable. 

Therefore, before knowing more about ppg paint or Sherwin Williams,  you’ve to decide which corners you would like to paint. And which paint is best for this surface! 

The finish of PPG paint provides both latex-based and water-based paint; it’s more suitable for exterior surfaces. Such as-

  • Stairs
  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Railings
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Drywall
  • Flooring and
  • Indoor furniture.

Sherwin Williams is an enamel paint, which is suitable for-

  • Interior trim
  • Molding
  • Cabinets
  • Doors
  • Window
  • Kitchen appliance
  • Floors
  • Decks
  • Handrails
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Washers and dryers

PPG Timeless vs Sherwin Williams Duration

PPG timeless paint is another brand at the top for its demand, whereas Sherwin-Williams is also in the competition for its durability.

PPG timeless offers both interior and exterior paint that has medium durability. As one coat of PPG timeless is ready for well-coverage, it can last up to 2-years. However, it only depends on the maintenance of your wall.

PPG timeless paint
Costa Mesa, California/United States – 06/08/19: Several PPG brand Timeless paint cans on on shelf, on sale at Home Depot

Sherwin-Williams is the best quality brand that offers the long-lasting durability of paint than other brands. Again, I will say you’ll wonder after knowing the duration. 

Sherwin-Williams provides paint’s durability up to 7-8 years which is incredible!  Really, if you’re worried about the budget, be relaxed! The durability of Sherwin Williams paint will be worth your money

PPG timeless VS Sherwin Williams: the key difference

Have patience and look more about PPG timeless vs Sherwin Williams. 

  • Coverage

Old walls need to be covered, but you’re afraid of incomplete paint coverage? PPG timeless provides you with the best coverage up to 400 square ft. within one coat. Applying only one coat helps you to hide old paint, scratches, toughest damp, or cracks. 

Another one, Sherwin-Williams, is providing a little bit less coverage than PPG timeless paint. 

  • Application

As PPG timelessness interior paint is formulated with primer per gallon, it doesn’t require sanding or priming before applying the coat. So, it’s a short application process.

On the other hand, the Sherwin-Williams paint application process is a little longer as it requires well preparation of the surface. And then, the use of primer and other steps are also essential for finishing the painting project.  

  • Price

PPG timeless paint is very affordable and it is about $37-$60. On the other hand, the available price of Sherwin-Williams paint is approximately $50+. 

PPG paint VS Behr marquee 

The brand Behr paint provides such different types of paint, which is appreciable.  Besides, PPG timeless paint also offers a rich color coat with an affordable budget. Let’s see which is truly better in comparison-

  • Coverage

Both Behr Marquee and PPG timeless paint provide complete coverage with one coat.  If you compare these two brands, you may have to get the accurate measurement of applying a coat between square feet.

Behr Marquee offers about 250-400ft square of surface area with one coat, where PPG timeless paint is enough to cover 400ft square with one coat finishing. 

  • Application

Although Behr marquee offers only one coat that can cover much space, the application process is a little bit longer. 

PPG timeless paint offers a complete interior or exterior coverage with primer. That’s why its application process is simple and easier.

  • Price 

Behr marquee price is $40.98-55.98 per gallon, where PPG timeless paint’s rate is $37-$60 per gallon.

PPG paint vs Benjamin Moore 

Benjamin Moore is probably the best quality paint.  But,  PPG paint also brought various paints, which overtook the top paint recently. 

  • Coverage

PPG paint is already well known for great coverage. But, Benjamin Moore provides more coverage per gallon. 

Benjamin Moore offers 400-450ft square coverage, whereas PPG only covers about 400ft square.

  • Application

The application process of both paints needs to follow basic steps. But within one coat of ppg paint as it doesn’t require primer. Sometimes, it is also required.

Benjamin Moore offers a coat that’s applying method is a little bit lengthy.

  • Price

If you’re considering an affordable budget, you may choose PPG over Benjamin Moore. 

Benjamin Moore is the most expensive paint as its price is $98.99, but it’s worth money.  PPG offers the best quality paint for $21-$60. 

Final Word

Comparing the two most selling brands is comparatively tough. All the key differences help you to get the exact concept of comparing PPG paint VS Sherwin Williams paint. 

 If you want the best coverage, then, of course, PPG timeless paint is best overall. Again, if you want durability, Sherwin Williams provides you with the most durable paint. Otherwise, both of these brands are similar in their way. 

Finally, in the end, it is upon you! Are you getting the right concept?  Let us know in the comment section below.