Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore: All Product Line Compared

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are the first names that come into mind when talking about painting projects. You may find it confusing to select one between the two. The obvious question is, which is better between Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore, and why?

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have some minor differences. Benjamin Moore is the winner in terms of durability, quality, and ease of use. When it comes to coverage of the paint area, you will find Benjamin Moore is better than Sherwin paint. Considering the budget, Benjamin Moore is less pricey than Sherwin Williams.

That’s not all. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have differences in availability, VOC, volume solid, etc. Keep scrolling to find all the differences between these paint brands. We will also talk about some alternative brands.

Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore
Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore

Let’s start!


About Benjamin Moore: A Brief Overview

Benjamin Moore is an American manufacturer of high-quality paints. They produce both premium and budget-friendly paints. Benjamin Moore has been successfully running their business for over a century.

The company is currently selling its product in more than 75 countries around the globe. It sells paints through independent retailers and specialized paint-and-decoration centers.

Benjamin Moore always focuses on producing the best quality paint to gain its customers’ trust. Earlier in 2020, J.D. Power awarded Benjamin Moore for best durability, application, and offerings among interior paints.

The company has a positive reputation in the market. Whenever someone thinks of painting projects, Benjamin Moore is one of the first names that comes to mind for selecting a paint brand. Aura, Regal, Fresh Start, and Ultra Spec are some of the top paint products of Benjamin Moore.

Sherwin Williams: A Brief Overview

Sherwin Williams is also an American manufacturer of paints and coatings. It sells products to retail, industrial, professional, and commercial customers. The company has been successfully operating its business for over 150 years.

Currently, Sherwin Williams has operations in more than 120 countries. You can purchase Sherwin Williams paints in any retail paint store near you.

Sherwin Williams is quite popular around the globe for producing high-quality paints. Their paints have less pigment than most other paints. Due to their popularity, Sherwin Williams was recognized as the most used brand in 2015.

Another reason why Sherwin Williams is popular is that they do a lot of charity work. They are also working relentlessly to innovate new products. Their R&D facility is one of the best. Cashmere, Emerald, and Duration are some of the best paints of Sherwin Williams.

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore: Quick comparison chart

Basis of comparisonSherwin WilliamsBenjamin Moore
Top exterior paintsEmerald, Superpaint, FlexTemp, A-100Aura, Regal Select, BEN, Ultra Spec
Top interior paintsEmerald, Cashmere, Duration, CaptivateAura, Regal, Eco Spec, Ultra Spec 500
Volume Solid34% to 44%32% to 49%
ColorsOver 1,700Over 3,500
Coverage370 to 380 square feet per gallon335 to 350 square feet per gallon
PriceExpensive (Discounts available)Affordable
Availability4,400 stores and 3,200 sales representatives in the US7,500 independently-owned stores across North America
BenefitsDurability, excellent customer service, massive discounts, high-qualityDry, cost-efficient, easy to apply, maximum colors
DrawbacksExpensive, fewer color optionsThickness, availability

Sherwin williams and benjamin moore: key differences

Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are favorites to professionals as well as homeowners. These brands are superior to others in quality and reputation. It’s unlikely that you will think of other brands when starting a painting project.

But, you will have to go with one brand, and that’s when you start to compare between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Although they both are of excellent quality, they have minor differences.

The burning question right now is, which is better between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, and why? What are the major differences between these brands?

Understanding their distinct features and functions will be helpful in finding your answer. The following are the key differences between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin:

1. Top Exterior Paints

When you buy exterior paints, the key things to consider are resins quality, additives, and pigments. Latex-based paints usually work better for outdoor usage. That’s because they dry quickly.

Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer some fantastic quality exterior paints. Due to their different names, comparing them becomes tough.

We have researched the most similar exterior paints from both brands, and now we will compare them below:

a) Benjamin Moore aura vs sherwin williams emerald

  • Benjamin Moore aura:
Benjamin Moore Aura

Aura is one of Benjamin Moore’s best-selling exterior paints. It offers a rich and premium look on exterior walls. It works as a self-primer, which means you will not need an extra primer for painting with Aura. 2 coats of paint will be necessary for bare walls, and 1 or 2 is good for previously painted walls.

  • Sherwin Williams emerald:
Sherwin Williams emerald

Emerald is one of the premium exterior paints of Sherwin Williams. It’s a thin paint and sets well on walls. 2 coats of emerald paint is enough. Sherwin Williams Emerald Exterior is slightly expensive, but when it comes to quality, it is one of the best in the market.

Both Aura and Emerald offer great coverage and durability. Aura is the more affordable option. Although Emerald is great, the extra price may not offer you many benefits. 

You can choose either of them, but Benjamin Moore’s Aura Exterior is more cost-efficient.

b) Sherwin Williams superpaint exterior vs benjamin moore regal select

  • Sherwin Williams superpaint exterior:

Superpaint is a latex-based exterior paint from Sherwin Williams. If you find Emerald too expensive, you can go for Superpaint with a medium budget. 

Sherwin Williams superpaint comes in satin, velvet, flat, and semi-gloss finishes or sheens. You can paint with superpaint even in cool temperatures due to its unique technology.

  • benjamin moore regal select:

Regal Select from Benjamin Moore is one of their best quality paints. It follows alkyd technology that provides better adhesion and long-lasting performance. 

Only two coats of Regal Select are enough for exterior walls. It doesn’t require any primer. A few coats will hide cracks and voids on walls.

There is not much to say when comparing Sherwin Williams superpaint and Benjamin Moore Regal Select. Most people like to go for Regal Select, especially for its wide availability. But you will have a more versatile option when going for Benjamin Moore Superpaint. 

Others Exterior Paints: 

Besides the above-mentioned exterior paints, both brands have a few more high-quality paints. It’s tough to compare them with each other due to less similarities. We will be discussing these paints separately below:

  • Benjamin Moore BEN: Benjamin Moore is an affordable exterior paint from the company. But the quality is excellent. It’s both a primer and paint. BEN is 100% acrylic formula based, and the adhesion is great. It has eggshell, flat, and semi-gloss sheens.
  • Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec: Ultra Spec from Benjamin Moore provides a professional look on exterior walls. It is 100% latex-based paint. Ultra Spec is also zero VOC and dries quickly. Besides, the low price makes it a great choice for the painting building exterior.
  • Sherwin Williams FlexTemp: As the name suggests, Sherwin FlexTemp is suitable for extreme temperatures. You can paint with FlexTemp from 35° F to 120° F. FlexTemp is a latex-based paint. It can be an excellent choice for the exterior if the weather in your area is cold or too hot.
  • Sherwin Williams A-100: A-100 is another latex-based paint from Sherwin Williams. This is one of the best choices for exterior paintings. It comes in flat gloss, satin, and a low sheen.

Benjamin Moore Aura & Regal Select, and Sherwin Williams Emerald & Superpaint, all are favorites to professionals and DIY painters. They are a little bit expensive. If they match your budget, go for them.

Select one from the other paints mentioned above if you are on a tight budget. They also offer excellent quality.

2. Top Interior Paints

Besides the exterior paints, both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore manufacture some awesome interior paints. Interior paints are all about aesthetics nowadays. We have seen these brands providing that for a long time now.

Flat, satin, and eggshells suit best to interior walls and ceilings. Color richness is also a key factor when choosing interior-based paints.

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore offer a variety of interior paints. The color options and finish options are wide. They look rich and give your walls a premium look

We have tried to match some of the popular interior paints from these brands. Now, we’ll be comparing these top-class interior paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams:

a) Sherwin williams emerald vs benjamin moore aura

  • Sherwin Williams Emerald:

Sherwin Williams Emerald is acrylic latex-based interior paint. Available sheens are matte, satin, and flat. Emerald paint is washable and good at covering dark colors. 

It is a premium quality paint from Sherwin Williams, and the outlook is also mesmerizing. This paint can instantly improve the aesthetics of any room.

  • Benjamin Moore Moore Aura:

Benjamin Moore Moore Aura is one of the most popular paints for interior walls. Available finishes are matte, satin, semi-gloss, and eggshell. 

Aura is water-based paint and doesn’t need primer. The coverage of Benjamin Moore is superb. Besides, the colors are eye-pleasing and enhance the richness of the wall.

When you compare Sherwin Williams Emerald and Benjamin Moore Aura, Aura will win by a slight margin. The coverage is better with Benjamin Moore Aura. 

Similar to the exterior paints, Sherwin Williams Emerald’s interior is also expensive. That’s why most people prefer Aura over Emerald. Both of those paint have the exterior options to select.

b) Sherwin williams cashmere vs benjamin moore regal

  • Sherwin williams cashmere:

Cashmere is great acrylic latex-based paint from Sherwin Williams. It is also priced reasonably compared to other Sherwin Williams paints. 

The best thing about Cashmere is that it offers a buttery smooth finish. Besides, the color looks highly durable too. Flat, eggshell, pearl, low-luster, and medium-luster are the available sheens.

  • Benjamin moore regal: 

Regal Select is a premium interior paint from Benjamin Moore. It’s 100% Acrylic paint with a combination of primer and paint. 

This one is easy to apply, and the coverage is excellent. Flat, pearl, eggshell, matte, and semi-gloss are available finishes for the Regal Select interior.

When you compare Benjamin Moore Regal Select and Sherwin Williams Cashmere, the main differences are price and quality. 

The overall color quality of Regal Select is better. But if you are on a tight budget, Cashmere is the cheaper option. Not to mention, Sherwin Williams Cashmere interior paint is also of good quality.

c) Benjamin Moore aura vs Sherwin Williams duration

  • Benjamin Moore aura:

We have already talked about aura in both the exterior and interior parts. There is no doubt that aura is an excellent painting from Benjamin Moore. 

That’s why it gets compared to so many other Sherwin Williams paints. People often ask which is better between aura and duration.

  • Sherwin Williams Duration:

Sherwin Williams Duration is an acrylic-based paint. It is available in Satin, Matte, and Semi-gloss sheen. The paint has a special stain-blocking technology that helps in hiding stains and other colors. 

As its names suggest, Sherwin Williams Duration is a highly durable interior paint. Duration is costly like all other Sherwin Williams paints but worth the extra price.

When comparing Sherwin Williams Duration and Benjamin Moore Aura, there is no clear winner. Both of these paints are high-quality and offer a rich look. 

The prices are also close to each other. The final decisions come to availability in your area and your personal preferences.

Other Interior Paints

When someone enters your room, he notices the wall color first. That’s why it is essential that you select the best quality interior paints.

The above paintings from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are awesome. Additionally, both of these brands have some more excellent options.

We will be discussing the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore interior paints one by one:

  • Sherwin Williams Captivate: Sherwin Williams Captivate is a budget-friendly interior paint. If you put a little extra effort into this paint, you will get excellent results.
  • Sherwin Williams Harmony: We have included Sherwin Williams Harmony in the list because many people don’t know that it is discontinued. Due to some sensitive chemical issues, the company stopped its production in late 2021. It has been replaced by Superpaint, which is a great option.
  • Benjamin Moore Eco Spec: Eco Spec is an eco-friendly interior paint from Benjamin Moore. It comes with zero VOC and zero emissions. Eco spec primer is also available to purchase.
  • Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500: Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 is another viable option for interior paints. It has a wide range of finish options, including flat, satin, low sheen, eggshell, and semi-gloss. You will need to buy the primer separately.

Again, aura, regal, and emerald are all excellent for the interior. Their premium quality makes them a few of the best in the market. Other paints in the above list also work well.

3. VOC-Free

The full form of VOC is Volatile Organic Compounds. It refers to the use of carbon-containing chemical substances in paints. These are harmful to both humans and the environment.

Paint companies widely use these chemicals to make their products better. For instance, they help paints mix well. But due to their harmful results, companies have stepped back and went for alternate options.

  • Benjamin Moore Zero-VOC

Most of the paints from Benjamin Moore are zero-VOC. In fact, Benjamin Moore is the first paint company to introduce zero-VOC paint in the market.

The company uses Genex Color Technology, which enables them to avoid VOCs. It makes their paint low odor and environmentally friendly.

Eco Spec is Benjamin Moore’s best paint in case of eco-friendliness. It also earned safety certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

  • Sherwin Williams Zero-VOC

Sherwin Williams also offers zero-VOC paints with some low VOC paints. Earlier, the company used alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs). But due to the health hazards, they stopped doing that.

Now, Sherwin Williams even offers a better Jobsite environment by reducing the usage of harmful chemicals (VOCs) and odors.

Eco Select from Sherwin Williams is the most environment-friendly option. Besides, the Harmony product line-up also abandoned the use of silicon. That’s because the component is one of the causes of lung cancer.

Benjamin Moore always focused on producing eco-friendly paints. Earlier, Sherwin Williams faced some controversies due to the use of harmful compounds. But now, they are also focusing on manufacturing zero-VOC paints.

In short, both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have eco-friendly paints. You can select either of them.

4. Volume Solid

Volume solid is the percentage of the paint components that are left or cover your wall after it has dried. Paints include different ingredients such as solvent, pigments, additives, and binding objects.

All of these elements have different purposes. They help to maintain the outlook and quality of the paints. For instance, additives maintain the paint’s thickness and fade resistance.

It is essential to know the volume solid of paint because:

  • It helps to compare the true cost of different paints.
  • It gives a better understanding of how much paint you will need for certain coverage.
  • You can set the appropriate time frame for your painting projects.
  • It enables you to control the quality of the final look.

Most paints have 30% to 45% volume solid on average. However, a low volume solid doesn’t mean the paint is inferior. A low volume solid implies the depth of coverage is also low.

You may need to apply more paints for your desired look if the paint has a low volume solid. Paints of low volume also cost lower.

You can find the volume solid of paints on the product’s safety data sheets. But finding it can be a hassle. Plus, not all paints mention the volume solid.

We have prepared data sheets of volume solid of different Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints to save you from trouble.

Benjamin Moore AuraN/A48%48%42%40%
Benjamin Moore Regal Select38%43%41%40%36%
Benjamin Moore Ben32%N/A35%N/A39%
Benjamin Moore AdvanceN/A49%N/A39%37%
Sherwin Williams Superpaint44%N/AN/A41%N/A
Sherwin Williams Duration40%40%N/A38%N/A
Sherwin Williams Emerald41%N/AN/A40%37%
Sherwin Williams Cashmere40%N/AN/AN/AN/A
Sherwin Williams Captivate34%N/AN/A40%N/A
Volume Solid for Interior Paints
Benjamin Moore Aura46%44%40%38%
Benjamin Moore Regal Select42%43%N/A42%
Benjamin Moore Ben35%33%N/A35%
Benjamin Moore AdvanceN/AN/AN/AN/A
Sherwin Williams Superpaint37%N/A37%N/A
Sherwin Williams Duration43%N/AN/AN/A
Sherwin Williams Emerald42%N/AN/AN/A
Sherwin Williams Resilience39%N/A39%N/A
Volume Solid for Exterior Paints

Benjamin Moore paints have more percentage of volume solid (32% to 49%) compared to Sherwin Williams (34% to 44%). If you want better coverage with less paint, Benjamin Moore will be better.

As said earlier, the lower volume solids of Sherwin Williams don’t mean they are not good. You also can compare the price and make your decision.

5. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Colors

Your room or exterior colors express your taste and aesthetic choices. It is essential that you select the best color for your home or office.

Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore offer a massive line of colors. Besides, they also have different tools to help you decide the color you want.

Let’s have a deeper look at the colors and tools of both brands:

a) Sherwin Williams Color & Tools

Sherwin Williams offers more than 1,700 colors at present. The company has a ColorSnap Precision color matching service. You can use different tools to get your unique color for painting.

Color matching tools available at Sherwin Williams:

  • Color advice: Sherwin Williams has a color knowledge center. You can get advice here to select the color of your choice.
  • Color samples: It will be helpful if you can see what the final look of a particular will be. Sherwin Williams offers free paint chips and sticks paint swatches.
  • ColorSnap Visualizer: You can see a virtual demonstration of a virtually painted room. You will be able to change the colors to pick the best one.
  • Search color by family: A single color has different shades. Search by the color family allows you to find different color families of a particular color.
  • Snap it: You can add this extension to your browser. Then you can find all the colors in a photo that you find on the internet.
  • Virtual color consultation: The best thing about Sherwin Williams is that it offers 30- minute one-to-one consultancy services. Their in-house experts will contact you to help you select a color. 

b) Benjamin Moore Color & Tools

Benjamin Moore offers more than 3,500 colors at present. Besides, its unique color matching tools are quite helpful in selecting the best color. It is tough to find similar shades from other brands. Benjamin Moore offers a lot of colors that others don’t.

Helpful color matching tools from Benjamin Moore are:

  • Color a room: You can view different virtual rooms with different colors to pick your favorite.
  • Color insights: It is an education center that will help you to learn about different color schemes and how to choose colors for your room. 
  • Color portfolio app: You can find different colors from a photo through the color portfolio app.
  • Color samples: You can get paint swatches and samples to test how the color will look on your walls.
  • Find your color: It’s a color search tool that helps you to find different colors from Benjamin Moore. You can filter the results based on color family, best-selling colors, etc.
  • Personal color viewer: Take a photo of your room and upload it online to test it with different Benjamin Moore colors.

Benjamin Moore has the advantage here as the brand offers more than double the colors compared to Sherwin Williams. If you find the same colors from both brands, you can consider other factors to choose a brand.

6. Coverage

Coverage is an essential factor in knowing the efficiency of the paint. Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are masters of coverage. That’s why people always try to select either of these two brands. 

These brands have their own paint calculator. Using the calculator, you can get an idea of how much paint will be necessary. We have used the calculator to get a rough idea about the coverage.

  • Sherwin Williams Coverage

According to the results provided by the Sherwin Williams paint calculator, one gallon of the paint will cover approximately 370 to 380 square feet.

  • Benjamin Moore Coverage

Benjamin Moore’s paint calculator shows one gallon of paint will cover approximately 335 to 350 square feet. These numbers are applicable for only one coat of paint.

The coverage of Sherwin Williams is slightly higher than Benjamin Moore. This round goes to Sherwin Williams. However, these are not precise calculations. The actual results can vary, and there is not much difference between the paint coverage in real life.

7. Durability

People like to change the color of their room every 5 or 6 years. Sometimes you may want to keep it longer. In both cases, having good durability is essential.

If the paint starts to fade or peel off after 2 to 3 years, the paint is not worthy. The good thing about Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams is that they last longer.

The paint of both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore should last at least 7 to 10 years on your wall. Sherwin Williams provides a lifetime warranty against peeling off and blistering. Benjamin Moore’s warranty validity is up to 25 years.

At first glance, it may seem that Sherwin Williams offers better durability. That is why they provide a lifetime warranty. But there is not much difference between 25 years and a lifetime. Only a few people keep the painting for more than 25 years.

In short, regardless of the warranty, both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are excellently durable.

8. Comparison of Price of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore

Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have some high-end paints as well as budget-friendly paints. Usually, expensive paints are of better quality. But as a consumer, you should get the paint that offers the best quality at the lowest possible price.

The price of paint is always not the same. Besides, paint stores with high sales can offer lower prices. That’s because the company gives special discounts to those stores.

Here are two tables mentioning the prices of different paints from both brands:

Interior Paint Prices (per gallon)Pirce
Benjamin Moore Aura$75 – $85 
Benjamin Moore Regal Select$60 – $89
Benjamin Moore Ben$45 – $55
Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500$31 – $44
Sherwin Williams Emerald Latex$75 – $95
Sherwin Williams Duration$70 – $85
Sherwin Williams Harmony$65 – $75
Sherwin Williams Cashmere$65 – $72
Sherwin Williams Captivate$41 – $46
Interior Paint Prices (per gallon)
Exterior Paint Prices (Per Gallon)Price
Benjamin Moore Aura$71 – $72
Benjamin Moore Regal Select$51 – $52
Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec$32 – $46
Sherwin Williams Emerald$85 – $100
Sherwin Williams Superpaint$68 – $78
Sherwin Williams A-100$50 – $60
Exterior Paint Prices (Per Gallon)

Benjamin Moore is slightly less expensive than Sherwin Williams Paints. The brand value and high quality justify the extra price of Sherwin Williams. You can buy any of the paint that suits your budget.

Tip: Both brands offer discount sales at different times of the year. Try to purchase at that time to save some money. Plus, if you need a large number of paints, open a professional account on Sherwin Williams to get special discounts.

9. Availability

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints are widely available in the USA and around the world. Both brands have been in the market for a long time. They have made sure that everyone gets easy access to their paints.

  • Where to Buy Benjamin Moore Paint

You can order Benjamin Moore from their official website. Besides, Benjamin Moore paints are available in over 7,500 independently owned paint and hardware stores across North America.

In case any particular paint is not in stock in your local paint store, you can order it, and the company will deliver the paint to the store overnight.

  • Where to Buy Sherwin Williams Paint

You can purchase Sherwin Williams paint from their official site anytime you want. Sherwin Williams paint is available in over 4,400 stores with more than 3,200 sales representatives in the United States for a better purchasing experience.

Neither Sherwin Williams nor Benjamin Moore is available on Home Depot. But you can buy both paints from Walmart. Besides, Benjamin Moore stores are locally owned, while Sherwin Williams are corporately owned stores.

If both brands are available in your local stores, you can check other factors to make decisions. But if only one is available, it’s better to go with that brand to avoid transportation or delivery costs.

Benefits and Drawbacks Comparison: Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore

Benefits Comparison of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore

Not all brands have the same strength. Likewise, Sherwin Williams has its own benefits, while Benjamin Moore is better for other reasons.

Let’s find out why you should buy Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

a) Benefits of Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has been in the market for a long time. It has gained the trust of its customers and is performing well too. 

Sherwin Williams saw a tremendous growth of 6.09% in sales in the US in 2021 compared to 2020.

Some of the advantages of Sherwin Williams that attract customers are:

  • Durability: Sherwin Williams has excellent durability. While other paints tend to fail after a few years, Sherwin Williams still shines and looks new after a long time.
  • Excellent Customer Services: Every Sherwin Williams paint store has a sales representative. They are highly knowledgeable and supportive in making the best choices.
  • Massive Discounts: Sherwin Williams offers massive discounts of as high as 40% during sales. It is almost half the original price and can be a great deal for everyone.
  • High-Quality: Sherwin Williams uses prime pigments, acrylic or alkyd binders, liquids, and high-end additives to ensure the best quality.

b) Benefits of Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is also doing great to win customers. Its sales figure is not as fascinating as Sherwin Williams. But Benjamin Moore has a solid customer base for its awesome quality.

Some of the benefits of Benjamin Moore are:

  • Dries Quickly: Benjamin Moore’s paints usually dry pretty quickly. Even if you are in a cold area, you do not have to worry about when the paint will dry.
  • Cost-Efficient: All the Benjamin Moore Paints are cost-efficient. Their Aura paint may seem expensive, but considering the quality and what others are offering, it is a good deal.
  • Easy to Apply: If you are not a pro painter, Benjamin Moore will obviously be the best choice for you. It spreads fast, which makes the paint easy to apply.
  • Wide Range of Colors: Benjamin Moore offers over 3,500 different colors. It is one of the highest varieties offered by any painting brand.

You may have your requirements. Match the advantages of both brands to your requirements to select the best one for you.

Drawbacks Comparison of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Paints

Like benefits, everything has some drawbacks too. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are not 100% perfect paint brands.

Let’s learn about the disadvantages of using Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore:

a) Drawbacks of Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’s sales are impressive. In return, the company receives some criticisms too.

Some of the drawbacks of Sherwin Williams are:

  • Expensive: High cost is the major drawback of Sherwin Williams. There is no doubt that their paint quality is superb. But it would have been better if they were less expensive 
  • Color options: 1,700 color options is more than enough. But still, it is less than Benjamin Moore, which can be a deal-breaker for many.

b) Drawbacks of Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has quite a good reputation in the market. But there’s room for improvement.

Some of the disadvantages of Benjamin Moore paints are:

  • Thickness: Some of the Benjamin Moore paints are thicker than others. It provides better coverage but sometimes feels tough to paint.
  • Availability: Benjamin Moore is available in thousands of stores. But it is not available in some of the major stores such as Home Depot and Lowes.


These disadvantages shouldn’t be a great deal. Sherwin Williams is expensive, but Benjamin Moore’s prices are not too low.

If you find your favorite color, Sherwin Williams can be a great option. Similarly, if Benjamin Moore is available in your area, it can be a great deal for you.

DIY Users Opinions: Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore

Users’ feedback is the best way to understand if a particular brand is superior or inferior. Thus, we have reached out to different consumers to know what they think about Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

  1. Customer Feedback: Sherwin Williams

One of Sherwin Williams users commented on Reddit that the paints are easy to roll on. Another person has praised how knowledgeable the representatives at Sherwin Williams stores are. He also said that the Sherwin Williams has excellent coverage and is not drippy.

A consumer on Houzz expressed frustration for not getting enough coverage with Sherwin Williams Cashmere. However, an expert said this happened due to not using the appropriate roller.

Many people on Paint Talk agreed that Cashmere is a great deal for mid-budget paint projects. One consumer said Sherwin Williams Emerald is the best if you can get the discount.

  1. Customer Feedback: Benjamin Moore

DIY painters of Benjamin Moore think that the brand is excellent. Most people on Houzz agree that Benjamin Moore Aura is great and worth the price. The paint offers good coverage, quick dry time, and is scrubbable.

It was tough to get negative feedback for Benjamin Moore. The only complaint about Benjamin Moore is that some of the paintings are pricey. 

However, painters and homeowners have praised the texture of Benjamin Moore’s paints. Many people prefer Benjamin Moore over Sherwin Williams.

Expert Opinion of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are two of the top choices for professionals. Hence, they have provided a good idea about the better paints and also commented on which paint they prefer.

  • New York Times WireCutter has chosen Benjamin Moore Regal Select as the best interior paint. They loved it for its durability, coverage, cleanability, and color options.
  • Bob Villa picked Sherwin Williams as the overall best painting brand. Their favorite paint from the company is Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Paint. Their top choice for exterior paints was Sherwin Williams Duration.
  • The Spruce picked Sherwin Williams Cashmere as the best paint. They loved the rich finish Cashmere gives.

According to Family HandyMan, Benjamin Moore Regal Select is the best latex interior paint. For eco-friendly wall paints, they have picked Sherwin Williams Harmony.

Alternative Paint Brands: Apart from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore

Are Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore only the good quality paint brands in the market? Absolutely not!

There are some other excellent quality painting brands to choose from. Even if you have decided you will go for either Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, checking alternative brands may be worth it.

Some of the other top paint brands are:

1. Behr

People often call Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams the big three. All three of the brands offer the highest quality paints.

Its paint has great resistance to cracking. Behr paint also helps in repelling dirt and mildew. Similar to Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, Behr’s drawback is its expensive products.

Behr Premium Plus Ultra is one of the best paints from the company. You can compare it side by side with Benjamin Moore Aura and Sherwin Williams Emerald.

2. Kilz

Kilz is popular for stain-blocking paints. Moreover, their adhesion is also superb. You can buy Kilz from Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon, which is a plus point.

Kilz interior/exterior Floor Paint is one of their top-tier products. Kilz paints are less expensive compared to Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

3. Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum paints are favorite to professionals for their rust-proofing ingredients. Besides, the price of Rust-Oleum paints is quite low.

Even with low prices, the company offers great quality and color variety. Rust-Oleum Zinsser PremaWhite is the best budget paint. It prevents moisture and rotting.

Why are Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore better than others?

We have mentioned plenty of alternative paints. Most of them come at low prices. Now, you must be wondering why you pay extra for Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore?

Some of the reasons why premium paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are better than others are:

  • Excellent Durability

Ask any professional painters, and they will say expensive paints usually have high qualities. High-quality means the durability will also be high.

One of the reasons why Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are superior is their excellent durability. Many people didn’t change these paintings on their walls for 15-20 years. Still, they look shiny. But low-quality paints start to fade after 3 to 4 years or less.

  • Best Coverage

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore always use best-quality raw materials. It enables them to manufacture paints with excellent coverage.

Inexpensive paints with low coverage are never worth the price. That’s why Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are popular even though they are expensive.

  • Zero-VOC

If you care about your health and the environment, paints with zero-VOC are the best option. You will not find zero-VOC in low-end paints.

All paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are either zero or low VOC. 

  • Less Dripping

Dripping is one of the major problems painters face with low-quality paints. It causes too much waste.

Dripping is extremely low for Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams paints. They keep the waste to a minimum, and the efficiency is fantastic.

  • Superior Adhesion

One of the key reasons why Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have excellent durability is their superior adhesion. Even after 20 to 25 years, the paints are unlikely to peel off.

Frequently Asks Questions:

1. What brand of paint do professional painters use?

Answer: Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are the top choices professionals. They always use one of these paint brands unless their clients prefer other paints. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have both expensive and affordable products.

2. Which interior paint brand is best?

Answer: Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams are the best paint brand for interior paints. All of them offer excellent coverage and durability. You also can consider PPG, ACE, and Gliddon.

3. What type of Sherwin-Williams paint is best?

Answer: Acrylic latex paints are usually of superior quality. Sherwin Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex is one of the best paints from the company. It’s a combination of paint and primer. The paint provides a smooth and rich finishing.

4. What is Sherwin Williams top of the line paint?

Answer: Sherwin Williams Emerald is the top-of-the-line paint for the band. Emerald has both interior and exterior paint options. They are quite expensive too.

5. Is Benjamin Moore owned by Sherwin Williams?

Answer: Sherwin Williams often buys other painting companies. Sherwin Williams does not own Benjamin Moore. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. owns Benjamin Moore.

Summary (what’s our opinion): Which one should you choose?

Both of these brands are superior compared to others on the market. You can not pick one brand over another in every aspect.

If you want to save some money, Benjamin Moore is the better option. But if your special sale is going on, Sherwin Williams is worth the price.

Consider the availability of the paints in your area. If both are available in your area, you can pick either of the brands.

While talking to DIY users, some preferred Sherwin Williams. But most of them loved Benjamin Moore over Sherwin Williams.

Benjamin Moore Aura is a favorite of most people. Plus, professionals love the rich look of Benjamin Moore Regal Select. If you choose Sherwin Williams, Emerald, Duration, and Cashmere are the best.