Valspar vs Benjamin Moore: Which And Why to Choose

You’re almost ready to give your interior or exterior wall a creative look. Meanwhile, you can’t choose the best paint for your project, right? Well, Valspar and Benjamin Moore are the kinds of high-quality paint brands you’re looking for! Picking the right paint between them is a little bit tough. But the comparison between Valspar Vs Benjamin Moore will give you a clear decision.

The comparison between Valspar vs Benjamin Moore shows that Benjamin Moore provides greater coverage and durability than Valspar. Vasper also competes with Benjamin Moore for easy application and less drying time. Valspar comes with an affordable budget, but Benjamin Moore is an expensive one.

This short comparison can’t give you an effective decision. Let’s dive into more details about the comparison between Valspar and Benjamin Moore. Here, you’ll also find a comparison between all the top-rated paints from these renewed brands. 

About Valspar or Benjamin Moore: Things At a Glance 

When choosing high-quality paint is your priority, you must consider all the key differences between the paints. Both Valspar and Benjamin Moore have their best key features. 

But it is important to know which will suit your project and your needs. Therefore, a quick comparison chart is the only way to get a short overview of both paints. So, let’s see what key differences make them apart.

Valspar vs Benjamin Moore: Quick Comparison Table

Key ValsparBenjamin Moore
Coverage300-400 feet square400-450 feet square
CoatTwo coatOne or Two coat
Drying time2 hours1-2 hours
Cure time7 days2-3weeks
Durability 3 to 4 years5 to 6 years

Valspar vs Benjamin Moore: Key Decision-Making differences that matter 

All of a sudden, you can’t decide to choose the right paint for your project. You’ve to know the features better that will fit your personal needs. 

Hence, the key differences like durability, coverage, and the price will give you hints to pick the perfect one! 

Let’s dive into a more detailed comparison between Valspar vs Benjamin Moore paint.

1. Coverage

When it’s about painting a larger area, great coverage is important. Valspar and Benjamin Moore’s interior or exterior paints offer great coverage, but Benjamin Moore is best for maximum area coverage.

Benjamin Moore covers a 400-450 feet square area, whereas Valspar covers 400 feet square area per gallon. 

2. Durability

Durability is the main factor for exterior paint. At the same time, interior paint is also expected to have a long-lasting performance. 

Benjamin Moore is doing a great job for long-lasting performance. Both interior and exterior paint of this paint is highly durable. It can last up to 6 years.

Valspar also performs well to resist fading, rain or water. It offers durability for up to 4 years.

3. Drying time

Drying time is also an important factor for painters who are in a hurry to finish the project. The paint, which takes more time to dry, can make you disturbed and patientless. Again, the paint gets thicker for a long time to dry.

Here, Benjamin Moore takes only 1 hour to dry. On the other hand, Valspar takes 30-60 minutes for the paint to dry to the touch. 

You’ve to wait 2 hours to apply the second coat. So, compared with Benjamin Moore, Valspar takes more time to dry.

5. Curing time 

Curing time is the period when you can’t wash your wall. Because the paint can wash away at this time.

Valspar takes at least 2hrs to dry and fully cure within 7 days. Although Benjamin Moore takes less time to dry,  it takes longer time for a cure.  Benjamin Moore takes about 2-3 weeks to fully cure.

6. Application

Easy application is nothing but a plus point! As a beginner as well as an expert also looking for paint which is easy to use. 

Valspar and Benjamin Moore require sanding and priming before applying a coat, but both brands have some high-quality paint, including priming. 

Benjamin Moore’s high-quality paint offers one coating paint for great coverage. Valspar also offers one coating paint but not great for coverage like Benjamin  Moore. 

Finally, you can expect an easy application with a gallon of Benjamin Moore than Valspar paint! 

7. Price

The price is the major factor when searching for budget-friendly paint. High-quality paint costs extra money, but that’s not out of reach 

Valspar is less expensive than Benjamin Moore’s paint. It costs only $30-$35 per gallon, whereas Benjamin Moore costs about $70-$75 per gallon. So, you can buy 2 gallons of Valspar for 1 gallon of Benjamin Moore.

But Benjamin Moore’s price is good as it offers better performance and coverage than Valspar paint.

Interior Or Exterior: Which Surface is good for Valspar and Benjamin Moore? 

Before choosing the paint, first, decide which corner of your home you want to paint because the interior or exterior surface needs different colors, sheens, finishes or durability. Let’s know which paint is good for which surface!

Valspar provides flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheen. Each sheen is great for a particular interior or exterior surface. Overall, Valspar is great for the following surfaces-

  • Interior living room or dining room
  • Ceilings
  • Exterior sidings
  • Exterior doors
  • Cabinet
  • Drawers
  • Shelving
  • Window casting
  • Trim
  • Interior wood furniture.

Benjamin Moore offers a variety of interior and exterior paint. This high-quality paint offers flat, Matte, eggshell, pearl, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss. So, you can choose this paint for any interior or exterior project. The best uses of Benjamin  Moore are –

  • Interior ceiling and walls
  • Interior or exterior Door 
  • Exterior Trim
  • Interior cabinets
  • Exterior siding
  • Interior wainscoting 
  • Interior wood furniture

Valspar Swiss Coffee vs Benjamin Moore  Swiss Coffee

Swiss coffee color is great for versatile use. It can offer a traditional, transition or modern look on your living room, walls or farmhouse. Valspar and Benjamin Moore both have a great collection of Swiss coffee. Let’s see which paint is better!

1. Coverage

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee offers greater coverage than Valspar Swiss coffee.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee can cover a maximum area of 400-450 square feet per gallon, whereas Valspar Swiss coffee covers 400 square feet per gallon.

2. Application 

Valspar Swiss Coffee paint includes primer. So, there’s no need for an extra primer coat. Also, Valspar needs less time to dry. Thus, the application process for Valspar Swiss Coffee is much easier.

On the other hand, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee takes longer to dry, about 1-4hr. So, it is a lengthy application process.

3. Price: 

Valspar Swiss coffee is between $40-$50 per gallon and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is between $50-$60.

Valspar Cabinet Enamel vs Benjamin Moore  Advance

You are trying to change the cabinet looks, but which paint works better? Between Valspar Cabinet Enamel and Benjamin Moore’s advance, it’s a tough choice! Let’s see the three most important key differences for making an effective decision.

1. Coverage

Benjamin Moore Advance has greater coverage than the Valspar cabinet enamel.  Benjamin Moore Advance can cover up to 400-500 square feet per gallon, whereas Valspar Cabinet Enamels can cover a space of 400 square feet per gallon. 

2. Application

Valspar Cabinet Enamel doesn’t require any sanding or priming. Benjamin Moore Advance requires sanding and priming the surface before applying paint. 

Also, Valspar Cabinet Enamel can give coverage with one coat, but it’s better to use 2 coats for more adhesion to the cabinets.

Benjamin Moore Advance absolutely needs 2 coats for excellent coverage and finish.  

Valspar Cabinet Enamel is slightly easier to apply than the Benjamin Moore Advance paint.

3. Price

Valspar Cabinet Enamel is $20-$25 per gallon. On the other hand, the price of Benjamin Moore Advance paint is between $40-$45 per gallon. 

Benjamin Moore Aura vs Valspar Reserve

Both Benjamin Moore Aura and Valspar Reserve high-quality paint. These popular paints have special features which attract the user the most. Let’s know which paint actually has better performance –

1. Coverage

Benjamin Moore is always known for great coverage. And, like all time Benjamin Moore Aura has excellent coverage which Valspar reserve fails to compete with.

Benjamin Moore Aura can deliver coverage of 350-400 square feet per gallon. In contrast, the Valspar reserve covers 200-400 square feet per gallon.

2. Application

The application process for Benjamin Moore Aura is much easier than Valspar reserve.

The primer is already included in Benjamin Moore Aura. So, there is no need to use an extra primer coat before painting. Also, one coat already gives good coverage. 

But, Valspar reserve requires sanding and priming both. So, the process is lengthy and a little bit hard compared to Benjamin Moore Aura.

3. Price 

Benjamin Moore Aura is more expensive than  Valspar reserve. The price of the Valspar reserve is only $39.98 per gallon, whereas the Benjamin Moore Aura costs $89.99 per gallon. 

Valspar Ultra White vs Benjamin Moore Simply White

While getting a white vibrance is a matter, then Valspar ultra white and Benjamin Moore simply white is the best choice to paint. Let’s see which offers the best-

1. Coverage

Both Valspar ultra white and Benjamin Moore simply white offer similar coverage. These paints can cover an area of 350-400 square feet per gallon.

2. Application

The application process for Valspar ultra white is simple and easier. Valspar ultra white includes primer. So, the process gets much easier by applying only 2coats.

Benjamin Moore simply white is also easy to apply, but you need to wait for 2 hours to dry the first coat. So, the process seems to be lengthy.

3. Price

The price of Valspar ultra white paint is between $32 per gallon and Benjamin Moore’s simply white paint price is $59.99 per gallon. 

Valspar Dove White Vs Benjamin Moore White Dove

Both Valspar dove white and Benjamin Moore White dove are very popular. These two colors compete with other top-quality brands in recent markets. Let’s make decide between them with three key differences –

1. Coverage

Benjamin Moore white dove offers excellent coverage than Valspar Dove white. Benjamin Moore’s white dove can cover a maximum area of about 350-400 square feet per gallon. On the other hand, Valspar dove white cover 300-400 feet square area per gallon.

2. Application

The application process for Valspar dove white paint is easy. You don’t have to wait for a long time to recoat. 

 Benjamin Moore is also easy to use. But it takes about 2-3hr to dry the first coat. So, the process is lengthy compared to Valspar dove white.

3. Price

The price of Valspar Dove white paint is $9.99. And, the price of Benjamin Moore White dove is between $5-$8.


Benjamin Moore Oxford White vs Valspar White Dove

Another great option for white color is between Benjamin Moore Oxford white and Valspar white dove. They can compare as follows-

1. Coverage

Benjamin Moore Oxford White offers greater coverage than Valspar white dove. Benjamin Moore  Oxford White covers 400 square per gallon. Valspar white dove can cover approximately 300-400 square feet per gallon.

2. Application

The application process for Benjamin Moore Oxford white is easier than Valspar white dove. Because Benjamin Moore Oxford white includes a primer. 

So, you don’t need to put extra effort into applying a primer coat. Again, Applying a Valspar white dove with a primer is a lengthy process. 

3. Price

Benjamin Moore Oxford white price is $6- $8 per 30cc, whereas, Valspar white dove paint price is $9-$10.


Benjamin Moore Iceberg Vs Valspar Seashell Gray

Benjamin Moore Iceberg Vs Valspar Seashell Gray

Many brands offer Gray color collections with quality performance. But, you can’t forget about Benjamin Moore Iceberg and Valspar seashell gray while purchasing! Let’s know which is better between them-

1. Coverage

Benjamin Moore always wins for great coverage. As always, Benjamin Moore Iceberg provides 400 square feet per gallon coverage. Whereas Valspar seashell gray offers 300-400 square feet per gallon coverage.

2. Application

The application process for Valspar seashell gray is much easier than Benjamin Moore Iceberg. Valspar seashell gray includes the primer. 

Also, it takes 30-60minutes only dry to touch, whereas Benjamin Moore Iceberg takes more than 1hr to dry. So, the process of Benjamin Moore’s iceberg is lengthy.

3. Price

The price of Benjamin Moore Iceberg is $25-$30 per litre and Valspar seashell gray price is $35-$40 per gallon.

Best type of Benjamin Moore paint for cabinets

Benjamin Moore Advance is one of the best paint for painting cabinets. BM Advance is waterborne alkyd paint, popular as a premium quality paint. 

This type of paint has a low VOC level that is more appreciable. So it doesn’t have a strong smell like typical oil-based paint for cabinets.

Benjamin Moore Advance has various types of paint, which have numerous finishes like Matte, Satin, Gloss, Semi-Gloss and high gloss.

You can easily use Benjamin Moore’s advanced paints with a brush or roller or even spray paint. That does not make a big difference to the final result. You will get an excellent finish by using any convenient tools. 

The application process is very easier. As well as. It’s great for coverage and durability. You can enjoy the long-lasting paints on your kitchen cabinets for up to many years! 

Best quality Valspar paint

Valspar paint always brings high-quality paints on an affordable budget. These brands offer various colors and finishes for versatile uses. Among all varieties of these brands, I think Valspar Signature is the best quality paint.

Valspar is for those who are looking for a Matte finish, great durability and excellent finish result. Also, Valspar signature paint can give your corner a better smooth texture with great coverage. 

It is a great choice among experts and beginners for easy application, less drying time, and low VOC level.


Is Benjamin Moore paint better than Sherwin Williams?

Benjamin Moore paint has a slightly better performance than Sherwin Williams paint. Benjamin Moore paint has great coverage, durability, and less drying time. 

Also, the application process is much easier than Sherwin Williams. Although Benjamin Moore’s paint price is a little expensive, but it is worth the money! 

Is Benjamin  Moore Simply White too yellow? 

Benjamin Moore Simply White has yellow undertones but doesn’t look too yellow. It’s the perfect paint for a warm white look for interior use. 

 Is Benjamin  Moore and Behr Swiss Coffee the same? 

Both Benjamin Moore and Behr Swiss  Coffee have the same level of LRV of 84%. Both have soft creamy color collections. But, they have some differences also. Behr Swiss Coffee is much lighter and more saturated than Benjamin Moore. 

Is Valspar or Behr Stain better?

Behr performs better for stain resistance than Valspar. Valspar only offers good resistance to mildew but not dirt, or dust. But Behr deals with every stain, including dirt, dust, scratches, and mildew, better.

My Final Opinion: 

End of the day, the decision is upon you! You should choose the paint according to your personal needs and budget. 

But, according to me, Benjamin Moore paint is the best choice for great coverage, durability, easy application, varieties of color options and finishes. Although the paint is costly, it will be worth your money!

Again, Valspar also offers varieties options which deliver decent coverage, less drying time and easy application on a friendly budget. So, if your budget is low, you can choose Valspar to paint for your project. 

Hopefully, you’ve already decided in your mind. Let’s share it with me in the comment section. That’s for today!