Spray Paint and Shoes – 22 Examples

Spray paint is known for its versatile use. It’s about repair or remodeling; spray paint comes with an affordable budget to solve it. Although many people can wonder about the use of spray paint on shoes, it’s true! Like others, spray painting on shoes is a fun DIY project. 

Customizing your shoes with a variety of colors and design is possible by applying thin coats of spray paint. It creates a fashionable look on shoes as nothing competes with it. But, is it suitable for every type of shoe? 

Spray Paint and Shoes

Our article is the best solution. Here, you’ll know everything about shoes and spray paint! Stay tuned. 

Can I Spray Paint Ballet Shoes?

All ballet shoes can’t be painted. Only a pair of leather ballet shoes can be painted. You can easily apply a light coat of spray-on ballet shoes. It creates a new smooth look on your old pair of ballet shoes. 

Can I Spray Paint Canvas Shoes?

Yes, you can use spray paint on canvas shoes. It seems no problem to create paint on the surface. But, spray paint doesn’t soak on the shoe’s material. You can only apply it to the surface. Spray paint covers the canvas shoes within a short period.

Can I Spray Paint Character Shoes?

Yes, character shoes can easily be covered with spray paint. Spray painting on character shoes is an economical and easy paint process to do. A pair of character shoes can be colorful with a thin coat of spray paint instantly. 

Can I Spray Paint Converse Shoes?

Yes, you can paint Converse shoes with spray paint. Just a coat of spray paint makes a pair of new or old converse shoes more attractive and fashionable. Apply a thin coat to get a better painting experience on your converse shoes.

Can I Spray Paint Fabric Shoes?

Yes, you can easily use spray paint on your fabric or clothes shoes. Using spray paint effectively covers up the surface of your fabric shoes because spray paint disperses well on fabric shoes. So, the soles of fabric shoes don’t soak into them. 

Can I Spray Paint Fake Leather Shoes?

Fake leather shoes are ideal for spray painting. Basically, acrylic paints are more suitable than oil paint on fake leather shoes as it flexes easily. Also, the paint will not damage or crack when rolling it. Fake leather shoes are more suitable for applying spray paint indeed.

Can I Spray Paint Faux Leather Shoes?

Spray paint is the best tool to get your faux leather in a fashionable look. Spray paint adheres to this kind of surface very well. So, there’s no chance to get damaged, scratched, or break painting on the pair of shoes after applying the spray paint.

Can I spray paint leather shoes?

Of course, you can use spray paint on leather shoes. But, you have to apply the coat slowly, even more slowly. You can apply a coat after 20 minutes of the previous coat. Otherwise, spray paint is better for creating a new design on leather shoes.

Can I Spray Paint Running Shoes?

Yes, you can use spray paint on running shoes. Covering a pair of running shoes with spray paint is instant after applying. But ensure the shoes are spotless. Otherwise, there can be a crack or damage after drying of spray paint.

Can I Spray Paint Shoes Black?

The answer is yes. Spray paint is the only convenient tool to create a design as you wish. Don’t mistake applying a thicker layer or multiple layers on black shoes. It can damage your design. Use a thinner coat on the surface of the shoe black.

Can I Spray Paint Suede Shoes?

The suede shoe surface is the best option to use spray paint. You can easily cover your old pair of shoes with spray paint. In fact, you’ll be surprised after seeing the result of the paint. Is it really the old suede shoes? Try this magical idea right now.

Can I Spray paint tennis shoes?

Yes, you can! Tennis shoes will be visible as fashionable while you’re designing them with spray paint. Luckily, spray paint can easily adhere to the surface and not stick to the sole material. It lasts well on tennis shoes. 

Can I spray paint patent leather shoes?

Patent leather is easy to paint as its surface absorbs more easily and quickly. Spray paint is definitely a great choice for use on the surface of leather shoes. Spray paint covers the lather surface instantly. Also, there are no worries about a long drying time. 

Can I spray paint patent shoes?

You can use spray paint on patent shoes. But, there’s a condition before applying spray paint. First, make sure the shoe’s surface is completely dry. Then, clean the surface and make it suitable for absorbing paint. Patent shoes have great results after using spray paint.

Can I Spray Paint Rainbow Shoes?

Shoes with a rainbow design are a matter of joy and fun to wear. Spray paint is the easy way to complete this type of creative design within minutes. Spray paint allows you to cover a wide space with different colors. It is very durable for its easy absorbency. 

Can I Spray Paint Satin Shoes?

Well, white satin shoes are known as bridal shoes. Like nothing can compete with other colors. If you want to wear different satin colors, let’s apply a coat of spray paint and see the difference. Remember! Must use a thin coat while applying. 

Can I Spray Paint Shoe Molding?

However, shoe molding is difficult to paint after installation. You can use spray paint to fix shoe molding. It’ll create a glossy finish. But, maintain the precaution, such as filling the nail hole and opening the ventilator in painting time. 

Can I Spray Paint Shoes Gold?

You can spray paint shoes with a golden color. It’s easier to apply spray paint than using a brush and color. Shoes can be recolored with a glossy finish of gold spray paint. It doesn’t take much time to dry. But, clean and dry the surface before applying paint.  

Can I Spray Paint Shoes Silver?

Instead of choosing the gold color,  you may use silver spray paint on your shoes. You can use it, but it may be difficult to find silver spray paint on the market. Spray paint on your old shoes to make an attractive look and smooth finish that you can’t imagine!

Can I Spray Paint Shoes White? 

White spray paint can be used on leather and synthetic shoes. You can easily cover up the prepared surface with white spray paint. Also, it’s so flexible that it adheres to the surface perfectly. Plastic footwear can be renewed with white spray paint 

Can I Spray Paint Tap Shoes?

Yes, you can use spray paint on tap shoes. The tap shoe surface easily absorbs the paint material. Also, spray paint gives a glossy look after applying the coat. Whatever it needs to renew, recharge, or recolor.

Can I Spray Paint Vinyl Shoes?

Obviously, you can. Mainly, spray paint adheres perfectly to leather, synthetic, or vinyl shoes. Vinyl shoe surfaces can be widely covered with spritzing paint. 

You can choose single or multiple colors to design vinyl shoes. Spray paint doesn’t attach to the sole material as it is very flexible.


Spray paint is a convenient item for every DIY project. When it’s about renewing or recoloring a pair of shoes, spray paint is the best option to get a solution. As we saw, different surfaces require different precautions, but all can be painted if your surface is well prepared. 

So, don’t get too late!! Try this DIY project on your old pair of shoes and see magic. Let us know how you’re feeling after getting colorful shoes!